Getting Spooky

With Halloween almost here, it's time to decorate the house! Well, the outside of the house. Let's take a look! A lot of the decorations that we have in our collection are from the 1960s or made by my brother and I when we were little kids. I'll show those in a later post. Today, … Continue reading Getting Spooky


Burn Out

I'm usually a pretty active person. I'm always doing something or working on something. There's always something to plan or somewhere to go. I try to say yes to as much as I can. Yesterday I may have over done it. After a long day at work, I had to race to to a college … Continue reading Burn Out

Birthday Tag

Today was incredibly busy at work so I'm keeping things simple on the blog with a birthday tag! I found these questions on this site. Feel free to answer these questions yourself in the comments! When is your birthday? Thursday, October 11th!  How old are you turning? 24... so not a big birthday but it is still … Continue reading Birthday Tag