Sami Says What?

Welcome to My Thought Bubble

After years of starting (and failing) to keep up a personal blog– it can be so hard to balance a personal blog when you’re also writing one for work– it’s finally time to put in self1the time and effort! So, without stalling any more: welcome! I say that this will probably be a lifestyle blog but really, setting out on this new adventure, I’m not quite sure what will this will turn into. If you like real life, you’ll probably enjoy this blog and the mess that it is sure to be. From my day to day all the way to substitute teaching tips, you’ll find it all here. Maybe that is too much for some readers but hey, I’m 23 and trying to find my way, okay? Isn’t that what we’re all doing? So, hopefully, you’ll enjoy some genuine stories about the average life of an average twenty something and some of the tips and thoughts that I have about this crazy thing called life.

All About Sami

My name is Sami, I’m a 23 year old just trying to figure out life. Cliche, I know. I’ve always been a scribbler– dad is still trying to figure out how I didn’t major in journalism in college– and sometimes those scribblings make it out onto the internet. I’ve tried blogging many times before… okay, three times: two personal blogs and one professional. This time though, I plan on sticking to it.

On this blog, I plan on writing about what I know or, rather, what I’m trying to figure out for myself. After a series of odd jobs that lead to a jumbled resume (social media assistant; museum educator; camp counselor; and substitute teacher), I always end up back at writing. Writing about anything. Writing about life. Writing fiction. Writing about what I think I’m an expert in, even if I’m definitely not. Coming back to writing again feels like coming home. And what is a home for your writing if you don’t have somewhere on the internet to share it all, right? Probably just that pile of journals on the nightstand but whatever… Enjoy my ramblings and I hope that you get something out of reading them the way that I get something out of writing them.

Now, this is an About Me after all so lets get to some basic info about the writer: me! As I said, I am a 23year old from Connecticut with a passion for travel, the arts, beauty, and writing. While attending the University of New Hampshire (Go Wildcats!), I worked as a social media assistant for UNH Social where I got some minor success as a blogger, kicking off my first ever personal blog. I kept going back to it but it always seemed to fall to the wayside. This meaning that I took on more than I could chew scheduling wise. I graduated in 2016 with a BA in English Teaching and three years of social media managing under my belt. Not to mention some experience working for TEDx and Snapchat (Thanks, UNHSocial!). After spending a year as a substitute teacher after college, I took up a job as a museum educator in my hometown. Nowadays, when I’m not working, I’m working on my blog or going on adventures with my boyfriend, Tim.

Let’s Be Friends

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