Winter Is Here: Game of Thrones TAG

Tonight, winter is here! The eighth and final series of HBO’s Game of Thrones begins tonight and I’m so excited. So excited that I have the Game of Thrones oreos, beers, and wines ready to go for the next six episodes. So excited that I have to include some Game of Thrones content on my blog! I found this TAG on Que Sarah Sarah so here we go!

  1. How did you discover the series/books? I’ve never read the books, although they are on my list of books to get to this year. I got into the series pretty late, in comparison to most people. I was working an event for my university where HBO was doing a screening of one of the season premiers on campus. I had never watched the show but after talking with a lot of passionate fans, I had to watch it. I’ve loved it ever since!
  2. Who is your favorite house, other than the Starks or the Lannisters? I’m a big fan of House Tyrell– the women there are just such badasses!
  3. Who is your favorite character from House Stark? Arya, hands down.
  4. Who is your favorite character from House Lannister? Tyrion, his character arc has been very interesting.
  5. Who is your favorite character? Oddly enough, Davos.
  6. Who is your least favorite character? Cersei, she’s just the worst. She’s blinded by power and so manipulative in all the worst ways.
  7. What are your thoughts on the series/book? While there have been some parts that I thought were a bit off and I hated waiting for these next six episodes, I think this is one of the best television shows ever. It’s just such a strong series that gives its fans a lot. It is so easy to get into, even if you haven’t read the books.
  8. If you could be one of the characters, who would you be? Honestly, probably Sansa because of her arc. She has been through some of the worst things imaginable but she comes out strong. She learns. She has come into her own.
  9. What is your favorite episode or season? Season 6, the cinematography and everything was just stunning!
  10. Who is your Game of Thrones crush? Jon Snow.
  11. What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season? Seeing who ends up on the iron throne!

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