Self Care Spring

2019 has been off to a rocky start. And one that I feel guilty calling a rocky start. It could be so much worse. But saying that also ignores my feelings and experiences from this year so far which is what I’m trying to not do any more.

Earlier this month, while feeling like I just couldn’t take it any more, I finally started seeing a therapist. While my jumbled up mind was an emotional wreck being made worse with stress, it and therefore I could understand that I did not have the tools to deal with everything I was feeling and going through. I needed help. Help that I had spent years of my life saying I wasn’t worthy of, needing of, or ready for. But I was. Therapy isn’t just for those who have been committed. It’s for everyone. It’s for those who know they just don’t have the rights tools in their tool box.

Starting going to my therapist, who I already love after just two sessions, immediately changed how to want to care for myself. Okay, my therapist and a lot of self help books. I’ve been taking the steps to start looking at my health as a whole instead of parts. Whole body wellness instead of focusing on dieting and mental health separately. They are all intertwined. This need is what lead me to take the steps I took over the weekend– the ultimate self care weekend.

Well, self care long weekend.

I’ve been trying to focus on a lot when it comes to self care. No longer just finding rest for my tired and stressed out mind but doing things that are good overall for me. This weekend started with connection.

Tim and I went out for a nice dinner, no phones allowed. It was probably one of the nicest nights we’ve had in a while and it helped really dig in on that feeling of being connected.

Sunday, I decided to take care of my body. It was stressed to the max and needed some TLC. I started the morning with a 60 minute massage and sugar foot scrub which felt like heaven. It was so nice to just let go and do something entirely for me. And it was so worth it– I might have to do the monthly membership…

Following the massage, I went out with my brother for a nature walk with the dog to get some fresh air and take in the sunshine. Again, this was so worth it and greatly needed. I could feel all of the stress of the week just melting away. Not that will last… I tried though.

On Monday, it was time to focus on the mind. I had a session with my therapist and we dove right in to unpacking my work stress and some other things that I won’t get into today. We also fan girled a bit over Brené Brown, who my therapist told me to look up during our last session. Like the time before, I left my session feeling light and like progress was being made.

Now to today. Today’s self care and steps towards whole body wellness, and wholehearted living while I’m at it, takes me to some creative therapy of sorts. Tim and I are working on connectedness and bringing in a paint night at the local paint bar. I’ve always been a creative type and painting just always makes me feel good.

Everything I’ve done for myself over the last few days and that I’ve been working on this spring have made me feel better than I have in a long time. So I’m declaring this spring a self care spring! Care to join me?


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