Mini Oscar Party Ideas

It is official Oscar season and that means to start dreaming up glamorous ideas for an Oscar party for you and your friends. Maybe. The Oscars is on a Sunday and I don’t know about you but my friends and I all have work on Monday. That being said, my family and I have an Oscar tradition and this year I’m planning on building on it a bit.

Last year, we started getting Oscar Movie Week passes from our local Cinemark Theater. For $35, you can see all of the movies nominated for best picture during the week leading up to the Oscars. Not a bad deal. Plus, you get discounts for popcorn and other concessions. This year, we’re doing it all over again and seeing one movie every night for a week. What I’m planning on doing is adding a little extra something special to Sunday night when it is finally time to watch the Oscars.

With just the three of us, we can’t really call what I want to do a “party”. I can sure make it feel like one though!

First things first, we have to make it a competition. By this I mean that everyone has to “lock in” their choices for who they think will win the night’s top prizes. I’m printing off the ballot straight from the Oscars website.

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 11.43.42 AM.png

Next, what kind of night in front of the TV would it be without snacks. And since it is a night dedicated to the movies, they all have to be inspired by what you can get at the movie theater, right?  Of course that means popcorn and candy. You can’t go wrong! Plus, it is easy to keep these simple and affordable.

I did want to try and add a few special snacks for the family to pick at. Below are a few of the items on my menu:

  • Pita Stars and Pesto
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes
  • Nachos

We like to keep it simple at our house so we don’t need a ton of option for the night. Especially after being at the theater that afternoon.

Now that we have the snacks and the ballots, it’s time to put on our most fashionable PJs and get in front of the TV for Hollywood’s biggest night! What are you doing for this year’s Oscars?


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