What a Week!

Last week was absolutely insane. You see, for my day job, I work on the Kid Governor program. I work as the social media manger for both the national program and the Connecticut program. Normally, this isn’t totally life consuming and overwhelming but it was Inauguration Week for the Connecticut and New Hampshire Kid Governors.

At the office for the Connecticut branch of the program, there are three of us totally dedicated to the program (along with our other job titles at the museum). With the help of our colleagues, we were able to pull off a truly incredible day for about 150 fifth graders from all over the state.

Congresswoman Jahana Hayes talks to the crowd about her time as a teacher, words of wisdom, and her time in congress so far. 

The week started off with us doing daily logistics meetings, making sure that everything was going to go off without a hitch, and getting final confirmations from VIPs. Let me tell you, once the governor of your state gets involved, things get a bit more complicated. Amazing but complicated.

Fast forward to Friday, January 18.

Our team was at work before the sun was up making sure that everything would be perfect. We blew up balloons in freezing temperatures. We trained volunteers to ensure that everyone was informed on the day. We shared our joy and excitement over Ella. the 2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor. Ella was elected based on her platform of wanting to help LGBT Youth. Let me just say, this girl is INCREDIBLE!

2019 Connecticut’s Kid governor Ella gives her first official speech. 

I’m not going to discuss the whole ceremony and day because I’m honestly still processing all of it. We had the entire executive branch for our state government in attendance and in full support of Ella’s platform. They each has inspiring thoughts to share with the students in the building and with Ella. And then Ella spoke. She blew us all away with her bravery, self confidence, and eloquence. I mean, wow. This girl just has it. 

Spending the day with this inspirational 10-year old just had an impact on me and, honestly, our whole staff. Watch out for Ella, she’s going to be huge.

Learn about the Connecticut’s Kid Governor program here


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