Keeping Organized in the New Year

We’re seven days into the new year and it can be easy to start letting things slide. Especially the easy new year’s resolutions you may have made. Going to the gym goes from every day to every other day to once a week. You’re already thinking about skipping food prep for the week. You’re new planner/organizer is already thinking about turning into a paper weight on your desk. There’s still time to turn it around and get back on track.

For those of us who have taken on being organized this year, here are some tips for staying organized throughout the first month of 2019 and beyond.


Make Time

One of the biggest things to do when trying to stay organized is to make time to be organized. Once a week, sit down with your planner and go through what is coming up in your life. Update upcoming appointments, take notes, fill in the blanks where you can. Taking even a half hour a week can help you stay on top of your week and beyond. Keep organized by making time for it.

Take Action

After you make time to stay organized, make sure that you take action on being organized. Figure out what you need to feel organized. Do you calendar, pre-write some blog posts and organize your schedule. Actually do what needs to be done to be organized.

Clean Space, Clean Mind

Part of being organized is having a clean space and a clean mind. Like with taking action, make sure that you take the time to clean up your space. Make sure that your desk or wherever you work is clean. Having a clean and organized space helps to keep your mind organized and calm as well.

Stay Focused

It can be easy to just let go of trying to stay organized. Just stay focused and follow the above steps. Along with that, figure out what works for you. A blog post and an internet stranger can only tell you what to do for such much.


Sow what are your tips for staying organized in the new year?


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