New Years Plans

Ever since I turned twenty one, I can’t wait until I can start planning what I’m doing to New Years Eve. I can stay in and watch all of the performances on TV, I can go out with friends, I could even go down to New York City if I really wanted to. This year, I’m doing a repeat performance of last year’s New Year’s Eve plans with some small changes.

To ring in 2018, my friends and I had gotten a hotel room in Groton, CT and then went to the Party Into the New Year celebration at Mohegan Sun casino. We danced, gambled, had some great cocktails, and just overall had a blast!

This year, while the group will be different, I’m heading back for this year’s Rio Carnival theme

As far as the Casino parties go, this one is possibly the best deal. For general admission, tickets are $100-$150 ($100 for pre-sale, $125 until December 31st, $150 purchased after 2pm the day of). Not bad considering that the event is open bar and includes a breakfast buffet, champagne toast, and live music. Plus, you can come and go as you want so you can go gamble or check out another party (most do have a cover fee higher than normal on New Year’s Eve).

Now, before heading out for the night I have to work at a First Night event where I’ll be a costumed interpreter at the museum where I work. It isn’t the most glamorous but oh well. It just gives me a little something to do before ringing in the new year with my friends.

So those are my plans. What are you up to to kick off 2019?


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