A Letter to Myself: 2018

As a way of reflecting on the year, I’m writing this letter to myself about what I’ve learned and what I want to remember. 

2018. What a year. There were ups and downs, accomplishments and disappointments. It was a really long and winding year. When starting to think about this year, more and more just comes to mind that seems like such a long time ago, it is almost unbelievable that it happened in just these twelve months.

This year started with a bang. I felt like I had my life together. Everything was working out. And while that feeling didn’t last all year, I felt like I took a lot of steps to help become a better person. I finally took control of my mental health. I finally started to realize what I need to do to feel like an “adult”. I’ve realized the steps I need to take to move forward.

This was a year of accomplishments that I never thought I would reach. I hiked to the top of Mount Washington. That was one of my proudest moments. I genuinely never thought I would be able to do that. On top of that, I got a promotion at work that I wasn’t sure if I would ever get. I did though. And I learning how to be an advocate for myself– one of the most important things I could ever learn.

I went through relationship ups and down but, luckily perhaps, all with the same person. I learned what I deserve and how to communicate that. I stopped being afraid of rocking the boat. I learned how to love the way that I want and need to. I learned a lot about what it means to be in a real relationship. There were break ups and healing and figuring it out. I wouldn’t trade any of it though.

While I could go into more, this year was complicated and I still need to process a lot of it.

What were your 2018 highlights?


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