Holiday Activities for Couples

Lets face it, there is just something a bit more romantic about this time of year. You can force your SO to be closer to you because you’re cold. You can enjoy a night illuminated by candlelight. You can eat as many Christmas cookies as you want while laying in bed in your sweats together. Romance is not dead, especially at this time of year. With all of those options though, it can be hard to pick what to do! So, here are a few ideas on holiday activities to do this season.

Build a Gingerbread House

If you’d both rather avoid the crowds and the cold, try picking up a gingerbread house kit from the store and decorating it together. Or, better yet, pick up two and have a contest. Who can create the most creative gingerbread house. Let your creativity take you wherever you want. From a beach front cookie house to a glam winter wonderland.


Ice Skating

If you’re feeling brave, hit the ice for an afternoon of falling all over each other and hot cocoa! Hold hands as one of you grips the wall for extra support or race around the rink– if you can. Just remember to not laugh too much when your partner inevitably falls down while trying to impress you.


Drive Around and Look at the Lights

I don’t know how it is in your neighborhoods but in mine, everyone seems to have Christmas lights on their homes. Some people even have elaborate displays to spread some holiday cheer. Why not drive around with your favorite person, listen to some Christmas music, and drink hot chocolate while you try and determine which house has the best lights.


Volunteer Together

This time of year, it is important to try and give back where and when you can. Look around for organization that need help around the holidays. Help with a food drive, serve food at a soup kitchen, find a way that you can give back to the community together. If you can’t/ don’t have time to volunteer, find other ways to give back. Barnes and Noble sells books for about $4 that you can purchase at check out that go to children in need. You can donate new toys or a jacket to a local shelter. There are plenty of options if you just look around.

Prepare for the Family Madness

The holidays can be a stressful time. Add in your extended family and it can feel like an eternity before life goes back to normal. Even if you love your family, you can still be stressed out. Take a night before Christmas to spend some time and relax together. Pick your favorite Christmas movie, order take out, and just relax in the calm before the storm. Maybe wrap a few presents together if that pile is starting to take over the room…

What are you and your significant other going to do to take in the holidays? Share in the comments!



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