2018 Wrapped: A Musical Review

After a whole year of amazing new music, it is time for the annual Spotify Wrapped review. Each year, Spotify puts together a look at what your favorite music was for the year, how many minutes you spent listening to music, and all of this other info that you probably hadn’t thought about. It’s cool for a few days, everyone shares what their results were on social media. This year, artists were able to share their streaming stats with their followers. Pretty cool.

Like last year, I’m going to take a look at what Spotify broke down about my listening habits.


I get it, 2018 was a big Twenty One Pilots year for me. Although I really don’t think that the top songs reflects my actual top songs for the year. Again. I made the same complaint last year about what Spotify pulls for Wrapped.

Anyways, lets get into it.

My Top 100 of 2018

Playlist here.

Personally, I think my Top 100 goes all over the place. It also didn’t seem to change all that much from last year. I guess I either go all in or stick to what I like.

The Chainsmokers, Taylor Swift, WALK THE MOON

As I’m sure we all have, Top 40 will always make its way into our earbuds. It can be so hard to escape. So, despite my general dislike of Taylor Swift, she shows up a few times and Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers is in the number two spot on this playlist. Sometimes you just can’t deny the catchy-ness of a song.

Songs Featured: Sick Boy by The Chainsmokers; Ready For It? by Taylor Swift; Kamikaze by WALK THE MOON

James Bay, Andres, Max Frost

These three are in the mix of “I never thought I would like them but yup, I do”. James Bay in particular snuck up on me after his Saturday Night Live performance earlier this year. And Max Frost was a welcome opener because Twenty One Pilots on the Bandito Tour. Andres is just fun. Each of these artists I could see becoming Top 40 regulars under the right listening and media attention.

Songs Featured: Let It Go by James Bay; Salty by Andres; White Lies by Max Frost

Twenty One Pilots, Matt and Kim, Hamilton OBC

On the surface, these groups have really nothing in common. I’m grouping them together because they are all groups or performances that I have seen or will be seeing before the end of 2018. Twenty One Pilots is always one of my favorite live acts to see. Hands down. They just have this ability to perform that you don’t see all that often. The same can be said for Matt and Kim. There’s just something about these two person bands that you just can’t go wrong with! And then of course you have Hamiton. I’ll be seeing the Angelica tour here in Connecticut this Thursday and I can’t wait!

Songs featured: Morph by Twenty one Pilots; Happy If You’re Happy by Matt and Kim; Wait For It from Hamilton


I could keep going on and on but there are 100 songs on this playlist. Share your 2018 playlist with me by sharing the playlist link in the comments!

Happy Listening!



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