What Christmas Means To Me

A few days ago while in Boston, Tim and I were walking around Faneuil Hall. We were looking for somewhere to eat dinner before heading to a concert and I was trying to take my time to take in the holiday sites. One of my favorite things is seeing how cities decorate for the holidays. Boston is always one of my favorite places and this year was no exception. It was just beautiful, even with the crowds of tree watchers.

While we’re walking, I was trying to get Tim to slow down and take in the sights with me. He just doesn’t have to same Christmas spirit that I do, which is fine. I teased him and called him a Grinch and a Scrooge but then he explained why he struggled to have the Christmas spirit that I was showcasing. Money. He sees Christmas as a stressful time of year. He wants to give his family nice things but has no idea what to get them. He sees it as just a time to put yourself into debt to buy people junk.

It all made me think: what does Christmas mean to me?

If you had asked me as a small child what Christmas meant to me, I would jump up and down and talk about presents and Santa. As an adult, I see it so differently. I see Christmas as a chance to spend time with my loved ones. I get to see my extended family who I generally only see at the holidays. Everyone is home, generally, so I can catch up with them. My immediate family seems to have more free time and we try to spend it together. For me, Christmas is about spending time with loved ones.

On top of that, I see it as a time to give back. While you can make donations any time, I try to do what I can during the holidays. Donating toys, clothes, food, or even money can really make all the difference. Although, I will say that I no long donate to the Salvation Army due to how they treat people. But, anyways, I always try to give back this time of year.

So, for me, Christmas is about love and giving back. Presents are nice but they aren’t everything. So be with your loved ones, enjoy some home cooked food, give back if you can.


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