Giving 2018: Gifts for Friends

Friends are the family that you get to choose. By the time you hit your mid twenties, you either have a massive group or your tight knit group of besties. Either way, you probably want to try and get everyone something to celebrate the holidays and your friendship. In continuing on with this series for the week, I’ll be sharing some ideas for gifts for friends this holiday seasons.

For the ones Home for the Holidays

As we get older, we might move away or our friends move away. It is the sad part about growing up. If you’re lucky enough to have all of your close friends home for the holidays, consider giving an experience or something that you can all do together for a gift.

  • Teamwork- Go to an escape room all together and wrap up the night at your squad’s favorite diner or bar.
  • Holiday Cheer- If you can swing it, get tickets for everyone to see your local theatre troupe’s Christmas production.
  • Home With You- Invite everyone over for a dinner and give everyone a bottle of wine. Now you each have your own drink and can enjoy being in your PJs while you eat and do whatever you want!

For the ones who need to RELAX

I don’t know if it is just my group of friends but everyone seems super stressed. Between student loans, work, family, and everything else, being an adult is stressful. Help your buddies relax for a while and recenter.

  • Relax in a Box- Create a care package to help your friends relax. Consider adding bath bombs, face masks, teas or hot chocolate mixes, a cute mug. Let your creativity show with this one!
  • Chocolate Covered Everything- Send an Edible Arrangement for your bestie to keep for themselves over the holidays. Who doesn’t love getting fresh fruit covered in chocolate?

Just a Little Something

If your friends live all over the place and you don’t want to worry about the cost of shipping a wrapped up gift, consider these little things to send their way.

  • Greetabl– Customize one for each of your friends. Greetabl lets you pick a box design, a small gift (candy, jewelry, bath bombs, and more), your favorite pictures, and write a message before sending to your best friend in a few business days.
  • Alex and Ani- While you may still have to figure out how to get this gift to your bud, this bracelet or necklace and give them a way to remember you while they are away. You could even have it shipped right to them!


What are your ideas for celebrating the holidays with your friends? Share in the comments!


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