Giving 2018: Gifts for Dad

You’ve shopped for mom and now it is time to shop for dad. In my house, my dad is the most difficult person to shop for. We never quite know what to get him but at least we can usually make him laugh with whatever crazy thing we get for him to try that year. If you’re in the same boat, here are a few ideas for shopping for the old man.

For the Beer/Drinks Dude

If your dad is a big fan of beer or cocktails, try a couple of these ideas for an easy gift or a chance to spend time together.

  • Brewery Tour- find out if your local brewery or distillery does tours or tastings and plan a nice afternoon out. At many places, they’ll do the tour and tasting for free or for under $10 per person.
  • Brew Your Own- Purchase a beer brewing kit and try out creating your own keg (or six pack)
  • Keep it simple- Buy your dad’s favorite six pack (or build your own) and dress up the bottles as reindeer for a festive touch. You can even add your dad’s favorite hard liquor and dress it up as Santa.

For the Sports Fan

Sports! Every dad has their one sport that they watch religiously. Well, almost every dad…

  • Tickets- If you can afford it and/or live in a market for your dad’s favorite team, try getting a hold of some tickets so that he can watch the game in person. This can be major league, minor league, or even college sports– all fall in different price brackets.
  • PPV- Dad doesn’t want to leave the house for the game, purchase a pay per view package so he never has to miss a game! This will, of course, vary in availability based on what TV package your family has and what sports your dad likes.

For the Head Chef

Does your dad love to cook?  Try adding to his kitchen collection this holiday season.

  • Grill Master- If your dad loves to grill, consider sending him an Omaha Steaks gift box full of different grilling favorites. From burgers and steaks to chicken and more, there is sure to be something he’ll enjoy.
  • Recreate- Like for mom, try getting dad a cookbook to inspire his latest grilling or kitchen creations.

For the Movie Lover

For those dad’s who always have a movie on, this one is for them!

  • A movie night kit- This could really be for any movie lover on your list but you can try and make this match your dad’s personal taste. Include two movies that your dad lover or, maybe, has never seen. Top off with pop corn to pop, candy, and whatever else your dad likes to eat while watching the latest action film.
  • A Night at the Cinema- Purchase movie passes for you dad to use at the local cinema. Maybe he’ll be nice and invite you to come along!

What are your ideas for your dad this holiday season?


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