Reliving the Glory Days

The other day, I was texting my best friend from college. Callie is one of my closest friends and the only one who I still talk to at all. We can guarantee daily that we’ll hear from each other. Callie, through quoting her boyfriend, kindly remind me that we are now in our mid-twenties. This shouldn’t be scary but sometimes you can’t help but be thrown off when that gets pointed out. I decided to quickly move past that as we planned for our weekend of reliving our glory days/ our early twenties!

Callie and I try to get together at least once a month or every other month, depending on what our schedules allow. With this being our last chance to get together in 2018, we decided that a hockey game at our alma mater, the University of New Hampshire, was the perfect girls night. With the tickets bought, I made my way up to New Hampshire for a weekend of fun and reliving some of the best moments of my college years!

I was a bit exhausted when I got up to Durham. The night before I was in Boston for The Floozies at Paradise Rock Club. Instead of staying up there over night, I drove back home with Tim so that we could get on with our individual early Saturday starts.

I had met Callie in Portsmouth for a quick bite to eat before heading to her place to relax for a bit before the game. We smacked and tried to remember our pre- and post- game rituals. Mainly, we just watched Trevor Noah on Netflix and chatted about our lives.

Eventually, we headed out to grab dinner and hit up our favorite spot in Durham: Libby’s. We got our classic drinks and Libby’s nachos before finally making our way to the Whitt to watch UNH take on Dartmouth.

When we arrive, only five minutes late, the Wildcats had already scored three points. Go ‘Cats!

We had a great time at the game. We tried to remember all of the tradition student section chants and thought back to how we used to go to games almost every weekend for four years.

UNH shut out Dartmouth, 4-0, making it the best way to come back “home”.

After the game, we went to grab snacks at our old favorite place, Wildkitty, before heading home to play a drinking game while watching Jeopardy.

So I guess you can say this was a great weekend!


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