Thoughts: A Sucky Love Story by Brittani Louise Taylor

41-kqFlQDAL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been a Brittani Louise Taylor fan for a while. I watched her when I was a teenage when she hung out with Shane Dawson or if something she posted on YouTube caught my eye. That being said, I became a casual viewer again a few years ago when she posted her “Pregnant and Engaged” video. From there, I kept watching every week. To be fair, I didn’t love the content. Sometimes vlogs are just something to watch when there’s nothing else. Or at least that’s how I feel about them. But then, something changed. There were noticeable differences and then the videos were all gone. It seemed like a part of the internet had blown up and was trying to figure out what had happened. You could find bits and pieces, scraps of information. The gossip sites had some theories. Brittani left us all hanging and people, myself included, seemed to be annoyed by it. To be fair, we shouldn’t have been. Just because you put your life online doesn’t mean that you are fully forfeiting your privacy. For months, we were all dragged on this “I’ll tell you soon” line.

But then A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After was released.

I purchased both the book and used my free Audible trial to be able to listen to the story. I just couldn’t wait to get home to read the book so I started listening to it on my way home. Less than twenty fours later and I was finished.

Holy shit.

Brittani skillfully paints a detailed picture of her entire traumatic ordeal. She is relatable in her discussion of what it feels like to use dating apps– although at times I found myself scrunching up my eyebrows because what she said came off the wrong way (or so I thought). She makes you feel her the pain that she went through. It isn’t easy to relive your trauma. With that, it all makes sense now why she couldn’t just make a twenty minute video on what happened to her.

A story of lies, fake doctors, fake cancer, the mafia, and money problems, Brittani describes a part of her life that seems like a movie. And not in a good way. How could that possibly happen to anyone? How could someone be so blind as to not see that something was wrong? She constantly confronts the readers who may be judging her for how long she stayed with her abuser. The thing is, it isn’t that easy and when we think we’re in love, we all do stupid fucking things.

Brittani Louise Taylor offers herself up as a cautionary tale. This can happen to anyone. You are not alone. If it is happening to you, get out. Know your mistakes and get out. Get help. Tell anyone who will listen.

Of course, Brittani herself knows that that is easier said than done.

This is a story that you just can’t stop reading or listening to. You want to know the details.

That being said, I wouldn’t say that this book is my favorite writing style. Listening to it was hard at times as Brittani puts on a fake Serbian accent for all of her ex’s dialogue. It doesn’t play off super well but it does help to differentiate who is speaking. There were definitely a few comments made by the author that had me rolling my eyes and thinking “Seriously? And you say that you’re a feminist?” But this isn’t my story or my trauma.

If you’re looking for a rollercoaster of a memoir, I highly recommend picking this one up! You won’t be able to put it down. I know that I’m already itching to reread this story.



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