Dealing with Holiday Stress

It’s December and we all know what that means. It is that magical time of the year: “The Holidays”. There are so many holidays happening over the next few weeks that we’ll all be saying “Happy Holidays” and dealing with those relatives or strangers who get mad about it. Of course, there are a lot of great things about this time of year but it can quickly get overwhelming. Between trying to afford gifts for loved ones, monthly bills, affording different seasonal events, and everything else the holidays can be a lot. So, now is the time to try and get ahead of that seasonal stress.

Budgeting and Spacing Out Purchases

If you have a lot of gifts to purchase, hopefully you were able to start before so you can budget appropriately. If you’re just getting started now, take a look at your finances and plan accordingly. Spaces out larger purchases between paychecks if you can. Make sure that you pay your bills first, of course!

Take Time for Yourself

With the holidays comes family. Most of us spend the month surrounded by family and friends. If social situations make you uncomfortable, make sure to take time for yourself. It is more than okay to take a break from that family time and do something for yourself. Your mental health comes first.

Make Healthy Choices

With holiday stress, it can be easy to give in to unhealthy stress relievers. Binge eating, drinking, overspending, hanging out with people you shouldn’t. Take note of your options and try and make the healthier choice– whatever that may be!

What do you do to relieve holiday stress?


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