October Favorites: Sultry Trench

What a month! October was busy, overwhelming at times, and fun! I had a ton going on which made trying to blog everyday a bit difficult but worth the effort– I almost did it! Despite the month seeming to come non-stop, I was able to find some new favorites and really just get to enjoy life. So, lets get into it!


Sultry Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills– I wasn’t going to buy this palette. Especially after having just bought the Norvina palette a few weeks before but something was just calling to me. Probably the sparkly brown packaging…. I love this palette though! It has become my daily go to for everything. Plus, it is the perfect size for travel while giving me every option I could want in the make up department! As for the actual shadows, these may be the best that ABH has put out in a while. It doesn’t fluff all over the place and it blends like a dream. And the glitters are STUNNING. Love it.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in Amazonian– I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this product before in a different color but I need to rave again. This is the perfect matte lip color. It doesn’t wear off for anything. You’ll rub your lips off before it comes off even after eating burgers, fries, and just about anything else. Now, this month I loved the shade Amazonian, which is a beautiful orangey-brown color. I usually don’t go down that road to much color wise but I am so happy that I did. This shade is gorgeous and perfect for autumn.

Tarte Tarteist Double Take Eyeliner– Finally, this is the perfect eyeliner in my opinion. You get a liquid felt tip liner on one side and a gel pencil on the other. The black is strongly pigmented and doesn’t fade when swiped over glitter shadows. High five, tarte!


I don’t usually do an events favorite section but after going to the Bandito Tour, I had to. You can read about my time seeing Twenty One Pilots in Boston last week in an earlier post but I just had to note how amazing it was… again! Twenty One Pilots just put on such an amazing live show! Honestly, they are the best live band around at the moment.

Listen to the setlist here:



This is honestly my favorite section to share during the month.

Trench by Twenty One Pilots (2018)- This should come as no surprise with how much I’ve been talking about this album over the last month. It was incredible. It is truly a work of art and a thing of beauty. Tyler and Josh have really out done themselves with this one.

Top Picks: Morph, Smithereens, Neon Gravestones, Cut My Lip, Legend

Money Problems by Max Frost- This song is just fun and relatable.

Best Friends by grandson– This song came on in one of my Daily Mixes and I loved it! There is just something about it that you don’t hear a lot of lately. Or so I think anyways…

Sleepy Eyes by Elohim- I fell in love with this woman when I saw her open for The Glitch Mob a few weeks ago. She is just such a great performer and her songs are just so catchy and different.


What were your favorite things in October?


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