Welcome to Trench: Bandito Tour in Boston

What a night!

Photo Credit: Twenty One Pilots, Brad Heaton

Friday night finally brought the Bandito tour to TD Garden in Boston. I have been waiting for this show all summer and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve seen Twenty One Pilots seven times now and each show makes me fall in love with them just a little bit more.

The night started off with Max Frost and his one man act.

Frost put out his album, Gold Rush, on October 5th and was promoting with Twenty One Pilots before heading out on his own tour in a few months. His six song set was perfect for getting warmed up for the night.

Next up was Awolnation with their hits and a bit of personal trauma as the lead singer talked about how no one ever asked him to dance at high school dances. It was kind of weird. They put in a great live show though! Not what I expected but still great and so entertaining.

By 9pm, it was time for the big show.

Josh Dun, the drummer for Twenty One Pilots, walks out into the darkness with a torch and then a flaming car (from the Heavydirtysoul video) rose from underneath the stage as Tyler brings us into Trench with “Jumpsuit”. It was incredible and just the beginning of the captivating technical and theatrical beauty of this show.

What I loved about this tour was their inclusion of songs that usually don’t get played live (Fairly Local, Taxi Cab) mixed with traditional songs (Trees, Car Radio) and, of course, lots from the new album. It was a near perfect set list.

The boys ran and “magicked” themselves around the garden in a truly amazing performance. Some of the best visuals came from the B-Stage located near the center of the arena. This was the stage for quiet hits like “Taxi Cab” and “Neon Gravestones”. It was so beautiful to watch these gemstone like lights sparkle with the projections of TOP on this mesh screen. My inner theatre kid was swooning.

This was honestly one of my favorite shows I’ve ever been to. It was incredible and high energy all the way through. These guys know how to perform their asses off.

This show was just what I needed after a long week at work and a Saturday with a nor’easter ruining the rest of the weekend. Now excuse me, I need to keep rewatching my snap story from this night!

Listen to the Bandito Tour:




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