Self Care During the Lead Up to the 2018 Midterms

Here in the United States, we have 14 more days until our Midterm Elections on November 6th. During this election, we’ll be voting for just about everything except for the President– although he is making it all about himself… as usual. Here in Connecticut, a traditionally blue/Democratic state, we’ll be electing a new Governor, state senators and representatives, a US senator, and a few other positions. We have so many choices this year that our ballot is two pages long. Two! With all of that said, the United States has been simmering in a pot of divisiveness since the 2016 Election and the Midterms are supposed to be a referendum, of sorts, on what has been going on. This is one of the most important Midterm elections in the history of the country. That being said, everyone is getting fed up with politics.

I try to stay in the loop with everything that is going on but it can really burn you out. Many Americans are getting to the point where they either feel hopeless about our government or can’t take much more of all of the negativity. We all have to stay focused and remember to vote and to hold our politicians accountable for their votes and their actions. With that said, we each need a little self care to not completely loose it. Below are three tips on things that you can do to not loose your mind this election season.

Turn Off the TV

Of course you want to watch the news to find out what is going on in your town, state, and across the country. Don’t over do it though. If you find yourself getting stressed, depressed, or angry about the news, turn it off. Either turn the TV off and go do something else or put on something else. Turn on your favorite show or movie. Watch something to recenter you and bring yourself a little joy.

Limit Social Media

We all know how damaging social media can be. That goes double during an election. Try and limit your time on Facebook and Twitter (especially) so that you don’t let yourself go down the political rabbit hole. Try putting a time block on those accounts so that you can only be on for so long before they log you out.

Get Involved

If you know that you can’t just pull away from what is going on, try to get involved with your political party! Go to your local campaign office and see if you can help with phone/text banking or canvasing before the election. You can meet new people and vent about the country together! While you’re at it, learn more about what is on your ballot and who the candidates are!

These are my three big tips for staying sane at the moment, what are yours? Are you involved or do you avoid politics like the plague?


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