Birthday Memories

This week I’m turning 24. I grew up in a family where birthdays were always something special, no matter what. You could have a birthday the day after someone else in the family and you would each get your own party and own cake. That’s just how we are in my house, everyone deserves a day all about them.

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of special birthdays with family and friends. Here are just a few!

Birthdays in NYC

For quite a few birthdays my aunt would always take me to New York City for the day to celebrate. We would go out to the Statue of Liberty or do the other big tourist things and have a blast, just the two of us. The day always ended with dinner at the American Girl Place with which ever one of my dolls I had brought with me. These are the birthdays that I’ll remember forever. These aren’t the only NYC trips though!


My parents also took me for a family birthday trip to The City for my 10th birthday. This trip was absolutely incredible because we stayed right in Time Square over night at the Edison Hotel. We did everything I ever wanted to do in the city! Best way to celebrate a decade of life!

Sweet 16


For my 16th birthday, I had a “homecoming” themed birthday at my house since my high school didn’t do homecoming at the time. Really, that just meant that we all dressed up and had a bon fire in the back yard. Still, it was a fun night! Although there are people in this picture who I haven’t talked to in years!

Homecoming Birthday Weekends


For the majority of my college career, my birthday fell on Homecoming weekend. That means that the celebration atmosphere for that weekend bled into my special day. Over the years, I had my dorm sing Happy Birthday to me during the campus parade, I’ve spent the day at football and hockey games (where my team won!) and so much more! It was always a great way to celebrate!


22519734_10213942422736055_8250308652406805228_o (2).jpg

My 23rd birthday has been my absolute favorite birthday in recent years. I was able to go to my favorite place in the world with someone of my favorite people. It was a trip I’ll never forget and I’m doing it all over again this week!

What are your favorite birthday memories?


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