Its finally here! After what seems like a long wait, Trench is here! Personally, I haven’t been so excited about the release of an album in a while. In my first listen to Twenty One Pilots’ latest release, I absolutely fell in love. The sound of this album shows so much growth for Tyler Joseph and Josh Dunn as a band. You can see their musical progression as their sound changes a bit throughout this album while still clearly rooted in their usual sound. There is definitely something special about this album.

Now that the album has been out for twenty four hours, I thought I’d go through song by song with a quick review. Read on for more.


One of the first singles released off of the album, “Jumpsuit” introduced us to the story of Dema and Clancy that comes with this new TOP era. I find this song, and the one that follows (“Levitate”) to be the perfect jumping off point into the story and the album. It transitions us from the Blurryface era gently with a sound that we’re familiar with. That matches the tone that we’ve become generally familiar with while starting to introduce something new.

Favorite Lyric: “If you need anyone/ I’ll be right there/ But you’ll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air”


You have to love when an album flows seemlessly from one song into the next. Another single, “Levitate” brings us into a slightly new sound that comes with this new era. Tyler quickly raps through the songs in a response of sorts to past songs. There is a call back to “Car Radio” and we can see some progression from album to album. Personally, I love with bands have call backs or lyrical continuity between albums.

Favorite Lyric: ” No, no we are not just graffiti on a passing train/ I got back what I once bought back/ In that slot I won’t need to replace/ This culture is a poacher of overexposure, not today”


The first of the non singles on the album, we get a sound that almost seems to fit in more with with Regional at Best. There’s something almost old school about this track. That could be whisper-esque chorus that brings that in though. “Morph” continues with the story of Clancy and tells us a bit more about the bishop Nico, a character introduced in the single “Nico and the Niners”. There was something about this song that I just loved though. As I was driving to work this morning, this song’s sound just seemed to work so well as a driving around tune– something that is incredibly important to me when it comes to music.

Favorite Lyric: “Can’t stop thinking about if and when I’ll die/ For now I see that “if” and “when” are truly different cries/ For “if” is purely panic and “when” is solemn sorrow/ And one invades today while the other spies tomorrow”

My Blood

The last single released before October 5th album drop, “My Blood” is, I think, one of the most touching songs on the whole album. For me, the single release of this song came for me at just the right time and gained a bit of a special meaning. This is one of those songs though that I could just drive around listening to and be completely happy. This song just gets into your head.

Favorite Lyric: “If you find yourself in a lion’s den/ I’ll jump right in and pull my pin/ And go with you”

Want to have a WTF moment, watch the video fro “My Blood”:


I found myself humming this song all day long at work. Again, this is a song that sounds a bit different than what we usually get from Twenty One Pilots. “Chlorine” continues on with the escape of Clancy from Dema  and takes the listener on a journey.

Favorite Lyric: “I felt I was invincible, you wrapped around my head”


For whatever reason, I wasn’t expecting this song on this album. I love it though. This is seems to be the “Tear In My Heart” of “Trench” but I think it is so much more. Tyler sings about the sacrifices that he would make. He’d blow himself to smithereens.

Favorite Lyric: “I never look for conflict for the thrill/ But if I’m feeling/ Someone stepping towards you, can’t describe/ Just what I’m feeling”

Neon Gravestones

Starting with an sonata sounding piano that is haunting throughout the song, “Neon Gravestones” is the thoughtful ballad of the album. The song as a whole is hauntingly beautiful and falls in line with the feeling of “Goner” and “Truce”.

Favorite Lyric: “Find your grandparents or someone of age/ Pay some respects for the path that they paved/ To life, they were dedicated/ Now, that should be celebrated”

The Hype

I think this might be one of my favorite songs on this album. While almost simple for TOP, the message of the song is something universal: Things will get better and you’re not alone. This is also another one of those songs that just fits in with driving around with the windows down.

Favorite Lyric: “Yeah, they might be talking behind your head/ Your exterior world can step off instead/ It might take some friends and a warmer shirt/ But you don’t get thick skin without getting burnt”

Nico and the Niners

Another one of the singles released ahead of October 5th, “Nico and the Niners” was another dive into the story of Clancy trying to escape Dema. We get quick call backs to “Jumpsuit” and learn a bit more about the story that the album is telling. This song is definitely one of my go to examples of what good storytellers Twenty One Pilots are through their music.

Favorite Lyric: “What I say when I want to be enough/ What a beautiful day for making a break for it/ We’ll find a way to pay for it/ Maybe from all the money we made razorblade stores/ Rent a race horse and force a sponsor/ And start a concert, a complete diversion/ Start a mob and you can be quite certain/ We’ll win but not everyone will get out”

Cut My Lip

“Cut My Lip” is another song that has another positive message wrapped into its slow rhythm. The song reminds me a bit of “Ride” or “Lane Boy” from Blurryface. You can see through songs like this that if you follow the stories album to album, Tyler/Clancy has overcome Blurryface or is well on his way to doing so.

Favorite Lyric: “I’ll keep on trying/ Might as well If you decide/ All is well”


The longest song on the album, “Bandito” has the feeling of the album’s/story’s climax. Tyler/Clancy is realizing that in Dema he is controlled by his mental illness (Blurryface) but he can take control, as well can.

Favorite Lyric: “But I’m still not sure if fear’s a rival or a close relative to truth/ Either way it helps to hear these words bounce off of you/ The softest echo could be enough for me to make it through”

Pet Cheetah

This song is another favorite of mine on the album. There is just something different about it but I love it. There is a bit of fan service in this song with the cheetah named “Jason Stratham” and the mention of The Clique, the name of the TOP fan base. I can see where if they do this song live on the Bandito Tour it’ll be a crazy moment.

Favorite Lyric:  “This clique means so much to this dude/ It could make him afraid of his music/ And be scared to death he could lose it”


“Legend” is another song that doesn’t sound quite like what we’d expect from TOP yet it also fits in perfectly with songs like “House of Gold”. The song, about Tyler’s grandfather who had passed away is a way of honoring him. He’s a legend to him. If you’re close with anyone who has passed, this song will probably resonate for you. I know it did for me.

Favorite Lyric: “Then the day that it happened/ I recorded this last bit/ I look forward to having/ A lunch with you again”

Leave The City

This song continues Twenty One Pilot’s trend of always having this kind of somber ending to each of their albums. “Leave The City” is soft, reflective, and haunting. This journey has been a lot but but it is coming to an end. This is a letter about going from place to place in our lives.

Favorite Lyric: “Last year/ I needed change of pace/ Couldn’t take the pace of change/ Moving hastily/ But this year/ Though I’m far from home/ In TRENCH I’m not alone/ These faces facing me”


I loved this album. In the last twenty four hours, I haven’t stopped listening to this album. I keep discovering new things in each song and that is what good music should have. Now that Trench is here, I can’t wait to see what Tyler and Josh have in story for the Bandito Tour this fall!




2 thoughts on “Trench

  1. unalasa says:

    Trench is absolutely beautiful! The thing with Twenty One Pilots – it’s always so hard to pick one favorite song from an album (let alone their whole discography). Each song touches a deeper heartstring and it goes all in, so in a way they all are a favorite in different ways. I love My blood because it deeply connects with my older sister instinct – I may be a total doormat, but don’t you dare touch My blood, cause I’ll raise some hell. Smithereens makes me all warm because it reminds me the many ways I will always stand by my boyfriend. Then there’s Neon Gravestones which i think is so brave yet doesn’t come off as insulting, it spreads a message that I wholeheartedly stand by. And so on and on and on. They are all a favorite each in their unique way.

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