October Photo Challenge

Alrighty, we’re going to try this again! Every once in a while I like to try and do a photo a day. It doesn’t always work out but this month I’m going to try my very best! Below are my prompts for each day. Feel free to join in and check out my pictures on Instagram!

  1. Orange
  2. Family
  3. Make Up
  4. Drink
  5. Handwriting
  6. What I’m reading
  7. Friends
  8. Movie
  9. Details
  10. Looking Forward
  11. Throwback
  12. My happy place
  13. Leaves Changing
  14. College Days
  15. Decorations
  16. Messy
  17. Sun
  18. Night
  19. Apples
  20. Relax
  21. Craft
  22. OOTD
  23. A Favorite
  24. Carve
  25. Concert
  26. Music
  27. Witches
  28. Baking
  29. Boots
  30. Family
  31. Costume

Lets see how easy this will be to follow!


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