My Self Care Practices

So lately, I’ve been trying to put an emphasis on self care. I’m usually the type of person who just pushes down my stress and says that I’ll deal with it after. I ignore everything that I can so that I can keep pushing forward. Of course, this isn’t the healthiest thing to do. I need to stop doing that. Especially with everything that is going on my life right now– both personal and work related. So here is my current self care practices.

Mini Declutters

I’ve found that when my room is a mess, my mind is a mess. So, not only will I got to clean my room, I declutter. I get rid and donate the things that I no longer want or need. The things that no long bring me joy may bring someone else joy. Being able to donate clothes or book or anything else or just getting rid of the tons of crap just feels so good.

Painting/Journal/Be Creative

Whenever I just need to take care of myself, I find that art is the best way to let it out. My family can always tell when I’m working through something because the canvases start piling up. There will just be bunches of completed works in the corner or my room. Or something in progress on the easel. Journaling has been filling that same need for me lately as well. Being creative is just a good way for me to process and take a moment for myself.


This is my go to. Just walking through the woods or just around town. It gives me a chance to take a step away and think in the quiet. I also have the same feeling when I’m driving. Some days, I’ll hop into my car with nowhere to go and just drive and drive until I think it is time to head back. I tend to find the coolest places when I do this.


This is my ultimate act of escapism. I still love to read food fantasy books so I’ve been making a big return to those lately. Well, I’ve been switching between those and self-help books which has given me a good sense of balance lately.

I’m still looking into more acts of self care that work for me like yoga or meditation and the like. This is all just another step in journey of self reflection and growth. What are your self care go tos?


One thought on “My Self Care Practices

  1. no1girl2 says:

    I do all of these!! Sometimes though, I also go a little bit beyond declutter. I do little fix up around the place. For example, i have been redoing the tiles in my kitchen. The rush you get when you do something productive like that is great.


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