September Favorites: Journaling, Make Up, and Target.

September was such a roller coaster of a month– which I’m pretty sure if clear if you’ve been reading my posts at all recently. I found a lot of comfort in the simple things to try and cope with everything that was going on. Candles, sweaters, make up, and wine were all must haves during this last month of summer.


This month, I have a few lifestyle favorites. By this, I mean a candle, journal, and an app.

Fall Day Candle from Target– Normally, I go and drop the big bucks at Bath and Body Works for a few of my favorite 3-wick candles. This year, I decided to hit up the candle section at Target and am loving the $10 autumn candles that they put out this year. They’re a perfect dupe for a few of the most popular 3-wicks from BBW and they’re more than half the price ($10 vs. $24.50).

One Questions a Day: A Five Year Journal– As a part of my mental hearing this month, I started to try and journal every day. I have a sketch one, a health one, and this. This five year journal does exactly what it says. It asks one question a day and gives you four lines to answer. It keeps things nice and concise.

FMHMobile- So this is going to seem really strange to include but I’ve really liked this app this month. FMHMobile, or Follow My Health Mobile, is an app that you and your doctor can use to track your health, appointments, and other medical information. If you like knowing exactly what is on your health chart, see if your health care provider uses this app! It’s been great to see my ups and downs over the years between appointments and helps me to (kind of) understand my health a bit more.


Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis– I’m not into self help books at all. Sure, I have a few in my personal library but they tend to just sit there and collect dust. This book I picked up though after seeing a few friends post about it on social media. Hollis has a really conversational writing style that makes the book a quick read and you feel so good after reading it. It was a book that I definitely needed right now.


So these might be repeats but I love these products.

Morphe 35O Natural Glow eyeshadow paletteIf you’re looking for a nice selection of warm colors for every day eye looks, this palette is perfect. It blends like a dream and is perfectly pigmented. I literally use this palette every day and love it.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foil Finger Paints– These are a must have. These foil finger paints making doing your eye make up so quick and easy. I either add it to my daily smoky eye for a bit of shine or I’ll wear one of the shadows by itself with some eye liner to finish a quick yet polished looked. It is perfect.


Music was a lot of the same this month so I’ll save a good in depth look at my recent favs for October!


What were your favorites this month?


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