A Moment Away: The Big E

I don’t know what it is about these big regional fairs in New England but so far I haven’t been impressed.

Over the summer, I went to my town’s end of summer fair and found that it had really lost its magic over the years. Yesterday, I had that same feeling. In a last minute decision, I ended up going to the Big E for an afternoon.

Now, if you aren’t from New England, the Big E or Easter States Exposition, is our big regional fair around New England. It’s one of those things that everyone makes a big deal about when it comes around but you can end up pretty disappointed. Some people are annual visitors and other are one and done. I’m more of the latter.

The Big E, unlike the smaller local fairs, is huge and more like a walking infomercial with lots of fried food and beer. There is some unique and cool stuff like the avenue of the states which houses the six mini building that look like the old state capitals. Inside of which is supposed to be food and other items representing that state.

Aside from these buildings, the only fun part of visiting the Big E might have been the petting zoo. I don’t know what it is about New England and camels but we always have them. And lots of goats, but I think that’s normal.

The rest of the fair was just like leaving the TV on at night. You wake up and some odd person is trying to sell you a big knife or a towel. A really expensive one. It kind of tainted the experience for me personally.

So why does it seem like these kind of things lose their shine when your in your twenties? Is it because these events aren’t marketed towards twenty somethings or is it more about us?

Overall, despite some disappointments, it was a least a fun way to get out of the house for the day.


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