Feeling as though I needed another creative outlet, I decided to start journaling. To be fair, I’ve never been good at it. I’ll be good about writing or sketching everyday but then I usually forget out it by the end of the month. Hopefully, I can keep it up until I fill in the whole book.

For my journal, I picked up a larger sketchbook from Michael’s ($5) along with a couple of pens ($1.99 each), colored pencils ($5), and a few different washi tapes ($4.99 each). I then started looking through pinterest for some ideas of what I want to fill my journal with.

Since September is already almost half way over, I decided to keep my September journaling simple. Not a lot of trackers and that kind of stuff. More answering questions and making sure to do things that I’ll want to keep doing. This month is all about getting into daily journaling.

Below are some of the journal prompts that I’m following at the moment!

Bucket Lists

I have my fall bucket list on the blog here but I decided to write it as a list that I can check off in my journal. Plus I added some sketches and added side notes for some of these seasonal items– like couples’ Halloween costumes.

Moon Tracker

For some reason, I’ve been into learning more about space and the moon lately. So, I included a calendar of the phases of the moon for September.


For days where I don’t know what to include, I added a page of questions that I can answer at any point this month and beyond. The questions are generally ones that I have to think about and can write or sketch.

What do you like to journal about? Let me know in the comments!


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