Autumn Bucket List: 2018 Edition

With the failure that was completing last year’s Autumn Bucket List, I’m probably going to be referring to that one quite a bit. I still want to do a lot of the things on this list so might as well try again! With that said, there are a few new items and modifications for this year’s Autumn Bucket List! Make share to sure what’s on your Bucket List in the comments!

This year, I’m organizing my bucket list by month and when I think each item should be done. Hopefully I can make the time to do them!


The September bucket list items are kept short and easy since I’ll still be working summer hours at my job– which means Saturdays are pretty much lost.

Small State Great Beer– Here in Connecticut, we have plenty of small local breweries. For the last few years, they all get together in Downtown Hartford for the Small State Great Beer festival. I’m hoping to head over to this celebration of local brews and food trucks! See you at Constitution Plaza on September 15th!

Apple Picking– September is for apple picking and October is for the pumpkin patch (and getting more apples!). This month is perfect for getting apples to make home made apple pie, Italian apple cake, and other apple dishes!

Corn Maze– You have to add a little challenge to a fall at the farm! I’m eyeing a “Find the Wine” corn maze with some friends. Why not try to find our way through a maze and be rewarded with a cold glass of wine on the other wise? Sounds like a lovely afternoon to me!

Bonfire Party– This could happen at any point in the fall but September seems like the perfect time of year to sitting around a fire in the back yard and enjoying some drinks with friends.


October is going to be a busy month for me. I have a lot on my calendar from my birthday to concerts and all the way to Halloween.

Pumpkin Patch– Hopefully, by this point, we’ve done the apple picking so now is time to give pumpkins a chance. I’m hoping to convince the boy to go pick some pumpkins and then challenge each other to carve or decorate the best pumpkin! Spoiler, I think I’ll win.

Into the Great Outdoors– Living in New England means having something that a lot of people want to be able to see. That means the changing leaves and near perfect weather. For me, I’m heading into the great outdoors this October for a weekend of camping and hiking.

Concerts– I’ve had tickets since they went on pre-sale for Twenty One Pilot’s Bandito tour in October but, at the moment, it is looking like that won’t be the only show I’m heading to this October. Time to head to more venues.

Movie Marathon– I could do this every weekend honestly. Hocus Pocus, the Harry Potter series, Arsenic and Old Lace, The Uninvited, Halloweentown, the list goes on.

Halloween Party– Last year, Tim and I went to a costume party at Mohegan Sun where Brody Jenner, of all people, was the DJ. We had a blast and I’m sure we’ll be doing something similar again!

I’d go into November but November is the transition into the Holiday Season month so it’ll get its own list later.

What’s on your autumn bucket list?


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