A Day at the Zoo

So before I begin, I will have a senior year post for my College Stories series. Senior year was really one of my most difficult years for a lot of reasons and I have a lot to say. Look for that next week!

Now, lets head to the zoo!

The Museum of Natural History at Roger Williams Park

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Having been alone for most of the week and going through some changes at home, I needed some Callie time. Callie, who has been mentioned several times on this blog, is my best friend from college. We usually try to get together once a month despite her living in New Hampshire and me living in Connecticut. We decided that to make up for a summer apart, we’d head to the zoo with a few of her friends from work. It was a great day and definitely a much needed escape.

We ended up heading to Providence, Rhode Island to visit the Roger Williams Zoo. Roger Williams is a cooperative conservation zoo that works to ensure the survival of many endangered species. Around its 40 acres, they have everything from anteaters to zebras. They are also located in Roger Williams Park which is also home to sprawling gardens and a museum of natural history among other things.

Over the course of the day, we explored each continent through observing the animals in the zoo– there are over a hundred different species represented! Take a look at the photos below to see some highlights from my trip!

Callie looks on at one of the giraffes while thinking of an animal pun.

One of the many giraffes at RWZ! They even let people feed them during the day, which is pretty cool!

Harbor seals are always some of my favorites. 

This gibbon wasn’t gibbon us very much. Sorry, had to do at least one pun!

Strike a pose and ask what day it is.

When it comes to armadillos, RWZ has a hands on a approach. You can actually come in, in small groups, and pet the creatures. 

My favorite: red pandas!

When we saw the elephants, I had this moment of “whoa, that’s a big animal” yet they also seemed smaller than I thought they would be. Huh.

What have your weekend plans been lately?


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