Go Goats Go!

The last few days have been incredibly busy for me. Between work and personal stuff, I’ve been going nonstop. Today, I’m sharing my time at the Hartford Yard Goats’ Strike Out Cancer Night!

Now, I’ve been to one Yard Goats game before this back in May. This game was special though. First, this was a work out with my staff to celebrate our Connecticut’s Kid Governor Megan. Megan was being recognized on the field as the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) Against Cancer. She was featured on the big screen and was one of the honorees throwing out the first pitch of the game. Before all of that though, the whole team was able to head out onto the field for a group picture.

It was such an amazing experience getting to be out on the field. It also, for me, brought me back to a familiar place. Back in college, running around the field (or nearby) was a part of my job as a social media assistant. It was great to get back to that and fall right back into my comfort zone. Plus, I got to share the experience not just with my co-workers but my family and friends too.

After everything on the field, I got to enjoy the game but was also running around taking photos of our Kid Governor and helping whenever I needed to. I couldn’t tell you who won the game but I can say that we all had fun.

The last thing that I want to talk about for this experience is something that stuck with me. Since it was Strike Out Cancer Night, the stadium was honoring those with cancer, who are survivors, and their caretakers. At one point in the night, they asked anyone who has or had cancer to stand up. There was a decent size crowd standing around the 6,100+ person crowd. Then they asked anyone who knows someone with cancer to stand and the whole stadium was on their feet. You forget sometimes how common this disease is. It affects or has affected everyone at one point or another. It was an incredible eye-opening moment. One that you don’t usually get at a sporting event.

Have you ever been on the field (or ice!) at a sporting event?


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