The College TAG

Happy Move In Weekend! With many people returning to college or arriving for the first time, I thought a College TAG was the perfect post for today! Feel free to share your answers to these questions in the comments! I’m also framing the questions for alumni but you can change them to work for you if you’re in college currently!

1. What college/university did you attend?

University of New Hampshire!

2. What did you major in?

English Teaching. I also almost had a minor in theatre but I was one class short. I just couldn’t make time for a technical theatre course with a lab.

3. Did you live on campus?

Yes, all four years! My first year, I lived in a double room in Hitchcock Hall (it was all girls at the time!). Sophomore year, I lived in a triple in Fairchild Hall. I returned to Fairchild for my Junior year where I lived in a single– best thing I ever did! Senior year, I lived in a six person apartment at the Gables.

4. What was your school’s mascot?

Wilcats! We had two mascots that walked around campus and went to events– Gnarlz and Wild E. Cat.

5. Did you have a job while at school?

Yup! For three of the years I was in college,  I worked as a Social Media Assistant for the UNH Social team. I got to cover all sorts of events and do some pretty fun things! I got to attend the New Hampshire Film Festival twice. I met almost all of the 2016 Presidential candidates. I went to a lot of hockey games and more! It was the best job ever.

6. Favorite event on campus?

  • Hockey games, especially White Out the Whitt!
  • Homecoming
  • U-Day
  • Stress Relief!

7. What did you do off campus?

We had a cute little town (Durham) that incorporated with campus that has small shops, cafes, pizza places, and bars. You could also take a bus for free to Portsmouth (super hipster mini city) or Dover. There was also a train between campus and Boston so I took advantage of that a lot!

8. Alumni Only: Do you ever go back to campus?

I’ve been back a few times for meetings, to see friends, or just cutting through on the way home from places. I went up for homecoming the first year after I graduated but that didn’t work out well… at all.

9. Do you own any school merch?

Too much. Last count was 67 different items– a lot of which was from work.

10. What year did you graduate?



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