Autumn in the Air

Summer may still have a few more weeks left in it but with me already planning my birthday weekend trip for October, autumn is on my brain! So, to feed that need to think about apple cider and the leaves changing color, here are X questions about my favorite season! Join me in the comments by answering some of these questions.

I picked my questions for today’s post from here, here, and here.

1. Which two things tell you that the fall season has begun? Seeing students waiting for their bus to school and Starbucks selling apple cider and PSLs again! 

2. What are your plans for this fall season? I have so many plans! Once September comes, I’m going all in with fall. Apple picking, hiking, haunted walks, everything! I will say, the only plan I have fully settled is my trip to the White Mountains for my birthday. You can look for a blog on my 2018 Autumn Bucket List coming soon!

3. What’s your favorite fall color?

Autumn 2018

4. What is your favorite Autumn fashion trend? Flannel! And tall boots. But there is just something about a nice flannel in the fall. I tend to layer them with t-shirts or a tank stop for a more casual look or button them up with a pencil skirt for a more put together look. They are so versatile. 


5. What is your favorite autumn movie? Arsenic and Old Lace!

6. Do you go hiking through the woods during the Fall season? You bet! That’s part of the plan for my birthday in October! Tim and I are doing a long weekend away camping in the Whites and doing some hikes in the Franconia Notch area. 

7. If you could have a familiar/spirit animal, what would it be? Well, if I listen to Pottermore, apparently it would be a Manx Cat. I generally say some kind of dog though. 

8. Apple pie or pumpkin pie? What’s your favorite? Apple. The answer is always apple.

9. Do you enjoy visiting graveyards? I’m only going to say yes because Cedar Hill Cemetery does really cool tours during the fall of all of the famous and creepiest tombs around it’s grounds. Plus, people like J.P. Morgan, Katharine Hepburn, and others are all buried there!

10. Name a person whom you loved and really miss in the fall season. My granny. My mom’s mom used to watch us all the time when we were kids and the two of us were birthday buddies. I was very close with my granny and miss her all of the time. 

That’s it for now! I can guarantee more fun fill fall posts in the coming weeks!


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