Loving Where You’re From

Note: This post was inspired by this article from the Hartford Courant.

Being from Connecticut, there is an overwhelming sense of self-hatred from the state’s citizens. Honestly, I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a lot of places around the United States and you don’t see so much open and direct hatred of a state from the citzens as you do in Connecticut. Sure, everyone has things that they don’t like about their state or their town. Everyone has to vent about taxes, the government, roads, and everything else at some point. No state is perfect. Here in Connecticut though, this need to bash the state even goes into the campaign ads for the men running for governor of the state. It is insane.

So why do Nutmeggers (what you call people from Connecticut) hate on Connecticut so much? Well, if you ask a lot of citizens, Connecticut falls short on a lot of things despite us having a fairly high tax rate and being considered a part of the “elitist Northeast”. We complain about the roads and how they are more holes than actual paved surface in many areas. Some complain about the quality of education in their areas. You have constant bashing of the governor and how the state is run. I can go on and on. These problems are not unique to our state though.

As a museum educator and tour guide at Connecticut’s Old State House, I get to meet people from around Connecticut, the United States, and the world. The problems here are not specifically Connecticut problems but problems of an aging infrastructure, a culture of divisiveness, and (lets take it here) people not willing to give their fair share and work together to improve where they live. I’ve heard this time and time again, especially from Americans. Every state is going through the same thing. The only difference is that Connecticut is much more verbal about our self hatred over these issues and everything else.

So what? Why turn this into a blog post when this commentary could have been left in a comments section or on Facebook. Well, imaginary other side of this conversation, I’m starting a series where I highlight all the best things about my state. The best food, the best attractions, stories, history, and everything else I can think of. I want to start a conversation with fellow Nutmegegrs and any one else. Why do you love where you’re from?

You can look for this series with anything starting with the title Nutmeg Love: subject.

Lets chat! Tell me why you love your state in the comments or message me on Twitter or Instagram!



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