Summer Bucket List: Check In

It’s August and that means that we are closing in on the unofficial start of summer. As stores behind to put their back to school displays up and there are fewer and the corprate worker bees take their last few days of vacation with the kids, you can feel it in the air: summer is coming to a close. With that said, summertime for adults can go on well into September– which will be here soon enough. Today, I wanted to do a check in on my Summer Bucket List that I shared back in June. I kept the list short at only five items but those items can be difficult to cross off. Lets see how I’m doing so far.

Host a Party With Friends

Nope. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t spent time with friends though this summer. I was able to go to a pool party with my friends, Hannah and Alexa at the end of July. My best friend from college, Callie, came down to Connecticut for a weekend and we had a lot of fun. So I’ll take that nope and turn it into a win anyways.

Group Camping Trip

Yet another negative. It can be hard to get everyone together so much like with planning a party this bucket list item has been difficult to check off. With that said, I did go camping! Tim and I just got back from a long weekend at Burlingame in Rhode Island where were camping and spending some time at the beach. Too bad it rained and then was unbearably hot. At least kayaking in Charlestown was fun!

Cheer on the Yard Goats

Not yet! I’ll be going to a game with work in a couple of weeks since our Kid Governor will be honored as the G.O.A.T against cancer! We’ll even get to go on the field, which is pretty cool!

Go to a Drive In

We almost went to see Top Gun at the Drive In while in Rhode Island but the rain kept us away. Damn rain. Also, not a fan of that movie.

Concerts, Concerts, Concerts

So far I’ve only made it to one concert this summer. Hopefully I can check a few more off but one is okay. I guess. Even though it was a pretty garbage show.

Looks like I’ve got some work to go before the end of summer! How is your bucket list coming for this summer?


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