Turning Your Tent Into a Home

So let me start by saying that despite owning a tent, my family rarely every camped. We did a few trips when my brother and I were little kids but my family is all about renting a condo for a week and having access to a bathroom that doesn’t involve using the woods. With that said, in recent years I’ve really come to love camping. Tim and I have backpacked, stayed at a few camp grounds and have had a blast no matter what. For our trip this weekend, I wanted to turn out tent into a home and “glamp” it up a bit. While Tim has been fighting me on bringing the big tent with us, it should help keep us cool in the humidity and possible rain rolling through this weekend.

For this post, I put together a mock up site in my backyard and pulled whatever items I had lying around or had recently acquired to create my selling point for our home this weekend.

Our big tent is a bit like a palace when compared with the two person tent. It can sleep 6-8 people, has three rooms (the big room has a divider wall to make it two rooms and then, as you can see, there’s a porch area. Pretty nice, especially for only two people sleeping in it!

To make the tent a bit more home-y, I added a few nice touches. For one, I added fairy lights. I had purchased one strand of these last summer and they just help make the tent a bit more cozy when you’re getting ready for bed. Since then, I’ve purchased two more strands from Target ($5.99 each, batteries sold separately)! For this set up, I hung one set around the opening to the porch for a little bit of light. The other two strands I strung across the main room, again, for a cozy effect. These lights are perfect because they give you a little something without being overwhelmingly bright or complicated.

As for our sleeping arrangements, I set up our air mattress to one side of the main area (Target $19.99). To inflate it, I did need to pull out the battery operated air pump but it fills the mattress is under a minute so no complaints there. Plus then we don’t have to worry about finding an outlet to inflate the mattress. While we do have sleeping pads for when we’re backpacking, the air mattress is just much nicer for cozying up when it starts getting cold and actually being next to your partner. To bring the set up together, I made the bed with sheets, pillows from my bedroom, and threw one of the sleeping bags on top. You could, of course, go all out and add a throw blanket or even bring your whole comforter if you wanted to!

Next to the bed is where I set up the extras. I re-purposed an old locker shelf from high school into a nightstand, brought one of the camping chairs inside and laid out one of the beach blankets on the floor so that we didn’t have to just stand on the tarp floor. It’s the little things, right?

From here, you can decorate and add to your tent whatever you like. You may notice a “couch” in our porch area, adding a bit of a living room feel. I recently purchased an “air sofa” for when we go on trips and placed it in the porch area to see if it would fit. It does! The addition of the air sofa gives us a bit more comfort when we finally can’t take the bugs any more but don’t want to head to bed yet.

To continue that home like feel, Tim and I have some technical additions to our little shelter. We both have bluetooth speakers so that we can listen to music while at our site and I have a mophie external battery for charging our phones, the speakers, and just about anything else. Along with the tech comes the fun. There’s nothing better than playing with a deck of cards or just being ridiculous together.

What would you bring with you to glamp up your tent for a weekend getaway? Share in the comments!

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