Review: Royals Palette from Profusion at Target

Target has been raising the bar when it comes to drugstore make up. They’re been updating their stores to give their beauty section an Ulta feel and adding more brands into their inventory. Recently, while I was out buying shampoo (AND ONLY SHAMPOO…. yeah, that never happens) I came across a shiny new display for Profusion Cosmetics. I had never seen this in my store before and was intrigued. They had a full face palette for $9.99, smaller 10-color palettes for $4.99, lip kits, brow kits, highlighters and contours and everything was a good price. Hmmm….

I decided to try one. I snagged the Royals palette because the colors caught my attention. I didn’t own anything with a lot of these shades (jewel tones). I figured it was worth the risk for $4.99.

As soon as I got home, I started swatching– the first true test of any product if you watch most beauty gurus online. Uh oh. While the texture of all of the shadows was silky and almost wet feeling, the swatches were not what I was expecting. There wasn’t a whole lot of pigment Cryptic (burnt orange matte), Spellbind (orange shimmer), and Jade (green shimmer) were the most pigmented and least patchy, for the most part. The other colors were a bit of  a disappointment upon first review despite looking really pigmented in their pans.

I followed up my swatches with some reading of reviews of the palette. Uh oh. Target had no reviews on their website and almost all of the products from this collection on Profusions website had 1-5 reviews and they were all 5-stars! What the hell?

Despite the poor performance at first, I decided to play with the palette and try to create an eye look.

Oh boy. Not a fan.

The pinky-orange shades did okay but still had their problems.

So, overall I’d give this palette a 2 out of 5 stars. The colors are nice and the price is great but it struggles with blending and isn’t a cohesive palette.

What are your new favorite make up brands at the drugstore or Target?


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