Get Crafty: Tie Dye

If you were ever a summer camp kid or, really, ever went to a beginning or end of the year dorm social in college, you’ve probably done a tie dye project. Well, with having Mondays open for me now as my job as switched to summer hours, I decided to do a craft project. After purchasing a Tie Dye kit from Michael’s and a few white clothing items, I decided to just have fun with this project and see what happened.

For my tie dye creations, I decided to dye a white hoodie and a plain short sleeve v-neck t-shirt. Keep it simple, I guess. Even more simple, I decided to do the traditional spiral pattern. Let me just say, this was not as simple as I thought it was going to be…

First of all, I just couldn’t get the fabric to “spiral” the way that I wanted. I tried in every way to try and get the shirt just right before giving up and just putting the rubber bands around and hoping for the best. This was extra difficult with the hoodie since the fabric was quite a bit thicker. Oh well…

When it came to applying the color dyes, the application was pretty simple. I had a kit with fourteen colors so I could really do whatever I wanted. For this first attempt, I went classic. I dyed the shirt using yellow, blue, green, orange, and a pinky-red. The bottles do a pretty good job dispersing the product but you do really need to make sure you get into the folds unless you want a white center. Again, this was easier with the shirt since the fabric was much thinner than the hoodie. Once the shirt was all set, I bagged it and started working on the hoodie.

For this part of the project, I again started with the spiral design and then picked my colors. This time, I decided to go with black, yellow, red, and blue (yes, this was a reference to the Twenty One Pilot’s color schemes. Anyways, I got to work and found that getting the color dispersed was quite a bit more difficult this time around. Again, the fabric was much thicker and the folds were deeper so it was hard to get the color in there. Eventually, I was satisfied (and it had started raining so I needed to get inside…) so I bagged the hoodie and moved on.

I let my projects sit in their bags for about twenty four hours (the directions say six to eight but more if you want the colors to be more intense). Once I got back to them, I rinsed them out in the basement sink (so that I wouldn’t ruin anything with the excess dye). After running each item under cold water and ringing out the excess liquid, I tossed them into the washer with some fabric softener and a splash of detergent followed by a long round in the dryer.

As for the final look…

I’m pretty happy with how these turned out!

What colors would your use or what item would your tie dye?


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