Thoughts: Summer Fair

Last night, I went to my town’s annual summer fair. For a week in July every year, the town sets up carnival rides and games, food trucks, a craft beer garden, and live music so that the townies can celebrate summer. Or rather what is pretty much the end of summer in my town. Once the fireworks go off tonight, summer is pretty much in its death days because the town pools close in like a week and they start with the preschool sign up. Lame.

Anyways, my brother and I decided to go to the fair last night since we hadn’t been since he was probably about three. We quickly realized something though. Going to the fair as a kid is so much more magical. As an adult, you realize a lot. You realize that they way over charge for food. The tickets for rides are a scam. Cotton candy is only good for like five minutes. Oh, and everyone around you looks miserable. Really! I don’t think I saw one person who looked genuinely happy to be there. Everyone, even the kids, just looked mildly pissed off.

Despite that, we tried to have fun.

We got some fair food and supported our local parks and rec department.

We participated in the “toilet toss” and each won a prize.

We thought about doing the hot air balloon ride but it seemed like a waste of money…

Literally, it went maybe 15 feet in the air and then came back down.

We made sure to get some soft serve to make up for the uneventful balloon and easy carnival game.

So I guess, overall, it wasn’t that bad… I guess.

What do you think about going to events from your childhood as an adult?


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