Free Summer Date Nights

By this point in the summer, you may be feeling a bit of a strain on your wallet. Maybe you’ve already vacationed somewhere and traveled. Maybe you just bought those tickets for the end of summer/early autumn band tours. Maybe you’ve had to pay more for your electric bill because your AC has been on more than usual (anyone else dealing with extreme heat?). No matter what, everyone like a free date night! Lets get into it!


Keep it simple. Pack up leftovers from the other night or make a few sandwiches and sides together. Grab a blanket and head outdoors. Pick your favorite place to have a picnic– the backyard, the summit of a mountain, the local park or flower garden. Enjoy the simple things! You can keep it free and kick this idea up a notch but planning your picnic around sunset. Enjoy each other, your meal, and the setting sun. Ahhh….


Off Trail Camping

For the adventure seeking couple, this one is for you. Pack up the tent, water, some snacks, and whatever else you like to camp with and then head off trail. While heading along, find a place to set up a site for the night. No campground fees, no noisy campers, just the two of you in nature. Put one of you in charge of setting up the camp fire (make sure you know the rules for off trail camping wherever you do this!) and the other in charge of setting up the tent. Watch as the sun sets through the trees and look up at the stars.


Free Outdoor Concert

This time of year, there is always a free concert going on somewhere. Most towns, it seems, do some sort of outdoor concert series over the summer. These usually seem to be free. Take a look at your town calendar or even look around your state and pick a show that could be interesting. In my experience there is almost always one Beatles cover band playing somewhere!


Movie Marathon

Not interested in heading out into the heat? Bad weather? Have a movie marathon! Pick a series that you want to watch together (Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? Deadpool?) and break out the popcorn! Dedicate the whole day to watching your favorite films. If you’re watching movies you’ve both seen before, try to make the other one laugh with your own commentary over what’s going on. No movie is perfect after all!


Go For a Drive

Maybe my boyfriend and I are the only ones who like this but we love just going for drive. Just hop in the car and go somewhere. You can plan your destination but the best drives are always to the unplanned places. You’ll be surprised the cool places you can find by accident!


What are your go to date night activities when you’re on a budget? Share in the comments!


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