Bonus Content: Twenty One Pilots

So if you couldn’t tell, I’m SUPER excited about the new Twenty One Pilots singles and the upcoming new album. So much so that they are getting not one but two dedicated posts this week on my blog. This one isn’t about the new music though. Instead, we’re going back.

One of the things that I love about this duo is that you can see their progress. You can see songs on new albums from the beginning, years in advance. Take this video of Tyler’s “Street Poetry” from Rock Sound.

This video is from August 2013. Two years later this street poetry comes back as “Heavydirtysoul” on Blurryface (2015). Some of the lyrics are there exactly, others get modified. You can see the progression though from this to what ends up being on the album. You can see this again with “Goner”

Again we have a video from long before the song ended up on an album. Twenty One Pilots released this video of “a new song we’re working on” in 2012. Three years later it would be the conclusion to Blurryface. Again you can see how long they work on a song before it makes an appearance some times. They, particularly Tyler I think, want everything to be perfect.

You see this over and over again with this band. Just take a look at Regional at Best, their first album that you can only find rips of now. This is where you first fine “Ode to Sleep”, “Holding On to You”, “Guns for Hands”, “Car Radio” and a few other songs that are some of their strongest on later albums. This band puts in the work like no other band I’ve seen.

That hard work is what makes me so excited for Trench and why I love them so much. They put in more work than they probably need to. Both for themselves and the fans. They add the layers. They add in the excitement. They create an energy that is unbeatable.

Ahhh, only a few more months until the Banditos tour…



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