Thoughts: Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners, and the Return of Twenty One Pilots

I haven’t dove too much into reviews on this blog but for today, I wanted to write something up about the first two singles off of Twenty One Pilots’ latest album: Trench (due out October 5th).

First of all, my journey with Twenty One Pilots goes back to 2013 when they first opened for Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco for the Save Rock and Roll arena tour. I remember walking in to the arena and not particularly caring about the duo. In fact, I remember someone in my group saying “Twenty One Pilots? Who cares?” What ended up happening was love at first listen. Since then I’ve seen them live a few more times and already have plans to see them on the Bandito Tour this fall. I couldn’t be more excited for that!

Now, lets get into these new songs!


Twenty One Pilots dove right in with a strong first single. It’s mysterious, catchy, and everything that you’d expect from TOP. We are not getting our first musical introduction, possibly, to Clancy (Tyler’s new persona for this album?) who has been teased online for a little while now. Jumpsuit is bringing us into this fictional world of Dema and setting up for what is sure to be an incredible ride.

Jumpsuit is full of heavy basslines and the usual drum and piano that we’ve become accustomed to in a Twenty One Pilots song. The lyrics are thoughtful and tell us a story. The music video that accompanied the release starts setting us up for this new story. Seeming to pick up where the video for Heavydirtysoul leaves off, we have Tyler dealing with “demons”/bishops in a foreign place. Where this story goes next, who knows. We’ll just have to wait for October now.

Thoughts: I loved this song. This is exactly what I needed since the band went silent in July 2017. Jumpsuit pulls you right back into the insanity and passion this band puts into all of their work– even from Regional at Best. You can see the creative progression and growth all the way.

Nico and the Niners

I LOVE this song. It is different, original, and honestly fits perfect for the summer. It reminds me a bit of “Lane Boy” in its sound but there’s something a bit more here. The song is full of hidden messages from the reversed and distorted vocals that start the track to just the phrases used throughout the song.

“Nico and the Niners” continues to move us into the world of this new album. Who are Nico and the Niners? What is Dema? We’ll find out soon enough. Some basic searching around the internet reveals that Nico and the Niners may be the Bishops in charge of Dema and who Clancy and the Banditos are trying to escape. From there it seems to get a bit more complicated.

Thoughts: Again, I LOVE this song. We get Tyler rapping again. We get interest and mystery. We get a total jam. This song, so far, might be my favorite off of Trench. Fingers crossed that we get at least one more single off of this album before the October release.

What do you think of these new singles from Twenty One Pilots? Share in the comments!

Thoughts on the Return of Twenty One Pilots

I am so excited about this new album, new era, and the return of my favorite band. I’m already waiting for the tickets for the Bandito Tour to go on sale so that I can finally see TOP where they shine again: on stage. While consistently always putting out fantastic. the best part of this return means that the band is touring again. They put on the best live show of any band I’ve seen in recent years. It’s exciting through and through and the energy is like nothing else. I can’t wait for this cycle for Twenty One Pilots to really begin!


**I tried to keep this review simple as I just wanted to share my initial, first thoughts.


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