A Visual History of My Concert Lineup

So this week has unofficially become the week of concerts! Tuesday’s post was a make up look for the show I’ll be going to this weekend and Saturday is, you guessed it, about concerts. Today, we’re keeping with this theme by taking a look back at some of the shows I’ve been to over the years (or at least where I have ready access to the photos…). Lets go!

Avril Lavigne with Boys Like Girls, 2008– Mohegan Sun


First, please excuse the photo quality. This was taken either on an old point and shoot camera or whatever cell phone I had at the time (Motorola Razr?). Second, this was the first concert that I ever went to! I had gotten the tickets as a Christmas present and was able to pick one friend to bring with me to the show at Mohegan Sun. Pretty cool!

Triple Rainbow Awesome Tour, 2010– Hamden


Alright, so back in high school I was big into Wizard/Nerd Rock and went to a few YouTube meet ups before they became the fuck show that they are today. That being said, the memories of these shows at The Space in Hamden are a bit tainted now since most of the creators who performed at these shows either ended up being convicted of child pornography, domestic abuse, or some other disgusting thing. The dude in the picture above was one of the few, I think, where nothing negative came out about him. Some of the acts that performed at this show were: Skyway Flyer (Jason Munday); All Caps (Kristina Horner and Luke Conard); Ministry of Magic (a Wizard Rock Band); and The Oceanic Six (a band that sang about LOST)

Fun Fact, I’m in the front row of this video from the tour…

Well that went deeper in this post than I was planning on going….

Anyways, moving on.

Lollapalooza 2012– Chicago

This was my first year attending the three-day long festival and it was incredible. I got to see so many of my favorite bands and even some that I didn’t start listening to until more recently. It’s crazy to look back now and see how much the artists have grown. Plus I got to see Florence + the Machine and Black Keys at their prime.

Above are pictures of Florence (she is actually a fairy queen and seeing her is a religious experience), Black Keys, Metric, and Animal Kingdom.

Yellowcard with The Wonder Years and We Are the In Crowd, 2012– Boston

This was the first concert I went to after starting college. I dragged my friend Mairi with me and was trying to impress this guy. He also went to our university and we knew him through tumblr and Humans vs. Zombies. Turns out I ended up really liking The Wonder Years on my own and without trying to impress said guy. Also, be careful meeting people from tumblr. Just a PSA.

Fall Out Boy with NK, 2013– Boston

This was Fall Out Boy’s first tour back after being on hiatus and they did not disappoint! It was a great show despite them coming out 45 minutes late because Patrick Stump was sick.

Speaking of Patrick…


I met him!

Fall Out Boy with Panic! at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots, 2013– Lowell

Why yes, I am a part of that *blessed* crowd that got to see the Holy Trinity tour. I mean Save Rock and Roll Arena tour. I remember walking in to our seats and my friends and I were like “who is this Twenty One Pilots duo? Whatever.” They are now one of my favorite bands and one of the bands that I’ve seen the most live. This was, honestly, one of the best shows I have ever been to.

And that “whatever” band….

Screenshot 2018-07-10 at 9.54.10 PM

Bam. Met Twenty One Pilots. Literally, they walked into the parking lot and then a line just formed, nice and orderly, to take pictures with them. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

Trip For Concerts: Twenty One Pilots with Hunter Hunted and NONONO, 2014– Boston

Back at it again with Twenty One Pilots!

Boston Calling September 2014– Boston

In one of the last times that they would do Boston Calling in September and May (thanks for ruining it, Natalie Portman…) I got to see Twenty One Pilots and the 1975 along with a few other pretty cool acts.

Blurryface Tour 2015– Boston

And another one for Twenty One Pilots. This time with Echosmith and Finish Ticket!

Rock the Primary 2015– Durham

I went to college in the swing state of New Hampshire. Right before the primaries started, Bernie Sanders did a “Rock the Primary” event and brought Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros, Young the Giant, and Big Data to come do a free concert for the university.

Lollapalooza 2016– Chicago

This was such a crazy weekend. I can’t even find all of my pictures from Lolla 2016 but it was my favorite. So far anyways.

Death of a Bachelor Tour, Panic! at the Disco with Saint Motel and MisterWives, 2017– Worcester

Like the caption says, it was a great show! Brendon Urie will never be my musical savior.

Matt and Kim with Tokyo Police Club and Future Feats 2018– New Haven

Another AMAZING show! I would see Matt and Kim every day if I could. Honestly. Best live show ever!

There are plenty of other concerts but these are the ones that I have easy access to the pictures of. What shows have you been to lately? What band is your favorite to see live?



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