How to Make the Most of Your Summer When You’re Working

Being an adult has its ups and downs. Being a working adult where you have a job that does not follow the typical Monday-Friday work day pattern can be one of those downs. Working in the tourism industry, more or less, means that my jobs hours tend to change during the summer month. Today is the first day where we now work Tuesday-Saturday instead of Monday-Friday. This comes off as a summer killer. Especially when all of your friends have a Saturday-Sunday weekend. Working on weekends doesn’t have to kill your summer though and there are definitely ways to make the most of it! Today, we’re going to take a look at a few easy ways to make the most of the summer when you’re working.

Do Something On Your Day Off

If you’re working one of the normal weekend days, make sure to do something with the day you have off. Having Sunday off means that I make my plans with friends for any time after 4pm on Saturday. Sundays are for being outside, hanging out, and being as active as I can. My boyfriend and I are trying to go to the beach or go hiking on those days. We’ll even leave for a camping trip right when I get off work. This do something plan is all about making the most of your time and scheduling.

On the days where I’m off but everyone else is usually at work, I’m planning on teaching myself new skills (like cooking!) and going to museums. Anything to better myself in a way. This day off will also be my day to clean and get organized.

Ask for Time Off If You Need It

If you can afford to, ask your supervisor for a day off. If all of your friends are going somewhere and you were invited but have work, plan ahead and as for that Saturday off. You are entitled to take a vacation. Of course, only do this if you can afford to. I know as well as anyone that it isn’t always possible to take time off. Especially if you’re working part time or in a service industry.

Enjoy the Little Things

Going along with the first part of this post, enjoy the moments away from work that you get. If you can get down to the beach or a concert after work, do it. Even if you might be tired, enjoy the free moments and the little things.


Yeah, I know that today’s post is short. Like I said, I had work today! What do you do to make the most of your days off in the summer? Share in the comments!


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