June Instagram Round Up

Well, it is officially July. I’m, personally, still exhausted from the wedding that I was at on Saturday so I’m starting the week off simple. Today will be the first Instagram round up of the summer. Each month, I’ll pull together my favorite pictures from my Instagram Feed and tell a little bit of a story behind each picture. So, lets get right into it.

I kind of love this picture. So, after a long and busy weekend, Tim and I went for a short hike and set up the hammocks next to a waterfall. While we were swaying and reading, Tim fell asleep while holding my hand. Now, for whatever reason, I can not just fall asleep while in a hammock. Especially on this occasion and I’ll explain why. Where we set up the hammocks was next to the WORST waterfall ever AND there were almost no good trees. My butt was pretty much on the ground over some stairs where we hung the hammocks. Oh, and we were about twenty feet from a highway so all you could hear were cars and trucks going by. Oh well, at least I captured this cute moment?

I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time that I dressed up. Honestly. I just don’t do it that much since graduating from college. Now, this is Callie. Callie is my absolute best friend from college. She came down at the beginning of June and we had a blast. Tim and I took her to West Hartford for dinner and drinks and then the next night we had a hotel near the casino and went to have a great time. For the casino, of course, we got all dressed up. Plus, even without the snapchat filter on this picture, our make up looked stunning! Not to brag, of course! Everything about this night was great! Except that our toilet broke in the hotel room and it was pouring and we got hit on by creepy former-frat dudes and then there was a bachelorette party. It was a night but a great one!

I love this picture just because it is proof that I hiked up that god damn mountain. Okay, Tim has further proof through pictures of me really struggling a bit but whatever. This is my proof! After trying to talk Tim out of this for literally weeks, he talked me into it and it was one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life. My favorite part of this picture is actually a comment made by Callie, of course. You see, I have a weird habit of having almost all of my pictures of Tim be… flawed. Almost every picture of him has his head partially cut off or not there at all. Whoops. He doesn’t love having his picture taken so I make do.

Alright, to wrap up this round up I have this lovely picture of clouds at sunset. This wasn’t the picture I wanted to get though. No, I was told that there was definitely a rainbow outside but nope. At least not visible from my house. Tim kept telling me that it was definitely there, finally sending me a picture of it. Oh well, this will do. Better than the actual rain I guess.

Share your favorite picture from June with me using the #SamiSaysJune on Instagram or tag me @SamiGorski!


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