July Photo Challenge

With July just days away (What? Where did June go??), I wanted to share my July Photo Challenge list. You’ve probably seen this before. Bloggers will share a list of daily photo themes to try and follow for the entire month. Below you’ll find my list and weekly I’ll try to share my images in a post or you can follow me on Instagram to follow along!

July Photo Challenge 2018.png

July 1- Family
July 2- Pet
July 3- Homemade
July 4- Fireworks
July 5- Floral
July 6- Outdoors
July 7- Melt
July 8- Looking Up
July 9- In the Kitchen
July 10- Water
July 11- A sign
July 12- Black & White
July 13- Sky
July 14- Dinner
July 15- Cocktail
July 16- What I’m Doing Right Now
July 17- Path
July 18- Ice Cream
July 19- Bedtime
July 20- Shoes
July 21- On the Road
July 22- Beach
July 23- Create
July 24- Sunrise
July 25-  Friends
July 26- Relationship
July 27- Looking Down
July 28- Someone You Miss
July 29- Sunset
July 30- Lunch
July 31- Selfie

Are you going to try and do a photo challenge next month? What’s on your list?



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