Road Trip Tips

At the moment when this blog post goes up, I will have just been in a car for four plus hours driving up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and am currently hiking to the summit of Mount Washington (wish me luck!). To get here meant that the boyfriend and I had to do a little bit of a road trip. We’ve done it before and luckily we’re both good travelers. Although, neither of us are good passengers (does anyone else have an “imaginary break” if they’re in the passenger seat of a car?). Anyways, since we do a lot of road trips and have more planned, I thought today would be a great day to share some road trip tips.

Dress Appropriately

How you dress for your road trip as a lot to do with what your plan is. If you’re planning on stopping a lot to see roadside attractions, eat at nice restaurants, or anything else you may want to dress nicely. If you are just going straight from point A to point B, you may just want to be as comfortable as possible. Comfort should be your number one consideration no matter what you plan is. The last thing you want to do is be sweating or freezing in the car and wearing the least comfortable shoes that you own. You’ll hate yourself by the end of the trip. Personally, I’m going for leggings, a comfy t-shirt, a hoodie, and flip flops or sneakers. That might mean a quick change after work since we’re leaving straight from the office but that’s fine.

Maps & GPS


Nowadays, everyone’s phones are GPSs (unless yours doesn’t work… thanks iPhone 7 updates…). Before you hit the road, make sure you’ve downloaded a map app like Google Maps or Waze and consider downloading your trip so it can be in offline mode as to not drain your data. Along with having apps at the ready, keeping an atlas or map in the car is a great idea as well. You’ll find that not everywhere you go has cell reception or 4G/3G/LTE service. Having this ancient directional guide can save you in a pinch. You can get them pretty cheap from CVS, Barnes and Nobel, the gas station, and other places.

Plan Ahead

Some people are spontaneous and others are not. I, personally, am not. If you have a planned destination, take some time before you leave to make a plan for your drive. See what’s on the way that could be fun to stop at. If this is a ride that you take a lot, are their traditions that you follow? Is there anywhere you haven’t stopped before that could change up the trip? Take a look at what’s around the area you’re driving through.

Pump Up the Jams

I love listening to music when I drive. Every once in a while I’ll switch over to a podcast but for the most part I stick to my Spotify app. Before you leave on your trip, come up with a playlist to listen to while you drive. Make one big playlist that offers everything you could possible want to listen to or make a few smaller ones that serve different needs– keeping you awake, car dance party, traffic, etc. If you’re traveling with other people, make a group playlist or ask ahead of time what music they’d like to hear on your adventure.

Be Prepared


Okay, time for the not-so-fun tip. Always be prepared for a road trip. Make sure you have the tools you may need to fix your car or stay safe if your car breaks down. Are you a AAA member, make sure your card is in the car and easy to find if needed. Check you gas levels, oil, and whatever else you find important. If you have time and need one, get that oil change. Full gas tank now? Check where the cheapest gas stations are on your route before you leave for when you need a refill. You don’t have to imagine the worst but you should be prepared for anything.

What are your tips for surviving a road trip? Share in the comments!


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