Summer Date Ideas

It is summer and that means that it is time to start planning summer dates. No matter where you live there is probably some awesome summer themed events or experiences that can be turned into dates. Personally, my boyfriend and I are all about the outdoors. Camping, hiking, you name it. I, of course, always enjoy mixing it up as much as possible. So, in the spirit of mixing it up, here are some of my date ideas for this summer!

As a note, some of my ideas are specific to where I live in Central Connecticut. Check your own local events calendar for ideas for your own locally themed date nights, days, or weekends!

Date Nights

Baseball Night- Dress up in your favorite baseball gear or a cute t-shirt dress and head to your local team’s stadium for a night of stadium food and America’s favorite past time! Here in central Connecticut, our local team is the Hartford Yard Goats. Silly name, we know. Going to a Yard Goats game is some of the most fun that Hartford offers though! Especially on the weekends.


Stargazing- This is a date night that is so simple yet amazing. You can do this date a few ways. First way, pack up the car and drive to an open parking lot somewhere out of the way of heavy light pollution. Lay out a blanket and have some snacks or maybe a bottle of wine with you. From there, just lay out and watch the stars. The second way that you can do this date is by starting with a night hike. Grab your hiking shoes and some flashlights and head out into the woods and up the mountain. Once you get to the top, lay out your blankets and take in the amazing view. Let me tell you that nothing tops watching the stars from the top of a mountain.


Fireworks- It’s summer and in the United States that means that is is fireworks season! Check out your local community calendars and pick out the firework nights that you’d like to go to. Just like with the stargazing date, pack up the blanket and some snacks and watch the display in your town!


Date Days

Amusement Park- There is just something about going to an amusement park as an adult. You’re tall enough for all of the rides. You may be able to actually afford some of the food. You can do whatever you want while you’re there. Going for a date can lead to some cute moments or some challenges. If you’re a competitive couple, make this date interesting. Challenge each other to ride the most terrifying rides or see you can win at the different arcade games.


Summer Fair- Summer brings around local summer fairs. These could be in celebration of the season itself, the local fruit harvest, your town, or anything else! Check around your state or region and pick the most interesting summer fairs and festivals. Take in some local food and drinks while listening to hometown bands and having fun.


Food Trucks- I don’t know about you, reader, but my city is all about food trucks. We have a bunch outside of work just about everyday. Not to mention a farmers market every Tuesday and Friday during the summer. If you enjoy the food truck experience, head to your local park or food truck gathering spot and try everything you can! It gives you a chance to try delicious food and support local businesses.



Tourist In Your Own City- Most of us think nothing of the cities or towns that we live in. In some cases, it is time to start looking at your home through the eyes of a tourist. Go for a walk and take in the sights of your home town. Are there art galleries or museums or something that only the tourists do? Become a tourist for a day!


Date Weekends

Camping- There is just something about sleeping under the stars with your significant other. Find a local campground or go off trail for this date. Set up your tent and enjoy some time out in nature together! Camping, even in the summer, can lead to some cute and comfortable moments of cuddling, laughter, and challenges. Camping isn’t an easy date weekend sometimes but it is definitely rewarding.


36 Hours in Another City- If you only have the weekend, pick a nearby city or town and head out for the weekend. Take a look ahead of time to figure out what you’d like to see and to find a place to stay. Getting even a few hours in a new place and help to revitalize you and your relationship after a busy work week. Look for local specific activities, non-chain restaurants and bars, and Air BnB’s to get the full experience in your short time!


What are your date plans for the summer? Are you an outdoorsy couple or just looking forward to sitting poolside or seeing the biggest movies of the summer? Share in the comments!




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