May Favorites

May was a hell of a month. It was busy, exciting, and seemed to go on forever– and not always in a good way. 31 days have left me checking off bucket list items and, honestly, exhausted. Over the last few days especially, I feel like I’ve been dealing with constant anxiety on top of exhaustion and everything else. This has been a month full of fun things like going to Los Angeles and trying to balance work, life, and health. With all of that said, my favorites for this month are a bit more sparse than they have been in the past. I’m keeping it simple and focusing just on music for the month of May. Lets get into it:

Albums and EPs

ALMOST EVERYDAY by Matt and Kim (May 2018)- The latest release from drum and keyboard duo Matt and Kim had my attention from the singles. I was lucky enough to see them live the week before the album dropped (such a great live show!) and was not disappointed!

Check Out: Forever, Happy If You’re Happy, I’d Rather, Glad I Tried

Listen Further:  Make A Mess, Get It, Let’s Go, Cameras

High Hopes on Saturday Night by Panic! at the Disco- The teaser to the next album from Panic! at the Disco gets me more and more excited with each new song. On this latest EP we get to take a look at Say Amen (Saturday Night) and (Fuck A) Silver Lining with the addition of High Hopes.


This is America (Single) (2018) by Childish Gambino–Wow. What a song. Childish Gambino has gone above and beyond in this song examining American life in 2018. He shines a light on how quickly we are moving on from the (almost weekly) mass shootings, police brutality, and the black experience. The heaviness of the song is pushed even more if you watch the now viral music video released with the single.

Lonely Eyes (2018) by The Front Bottoms- Honestly, this song is the opposite from what I’m generally looking for in music on the cusp of summer. This is a song I would gravitate to more come November. This song quickly caught my attention though and made its way onto my monthly playlist.

Sit Net to Me- Stereotypes Remix (2018) by Foster the People- This latest release from Foster the People is what I look for in a summer jam. Close your eyes and you can totally imagine listening to this song with the windows down in your car. You’re lying if you say no.


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