Sami in LA: Art, Eggslut, and Ice Cream

Let me be the first to say that getting up at 3am sucks. Want to know what makes it sick even more? A time change.

My trip to LA started before the sun was even up on Thursday morning. I woke before my alarm an decided there was no point trying to sleep for 50 more minutes. Close enough anyways. I laid in bed and went over a checklist in my head of everything I would need for my trip while watching the latest episode of The Handmaids Tale. When the episode was over, it was time to start getting ready to head to the airport.

Now, I don’t know how you like to dress for flights. Some people dress up, some people don’t, and some fall in the middle. I’m a big believer in dressing as comfy as possible for flights. That means flip flops, leggings, a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, and my hair in a braid. Nice and easy to get through TSA and a six hour flight.

Forty five minutes later, I was at the airport and through security with a Dunkin Donuts coffee in my hand. Although I called that coffee mistake number one because I was up for all but forty five minutes of my six hour flight. Most of the actual flight involved me watch the free inflight movies and trying to move as little as possible. I watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi (which is what put me to sleep because it was so bad and boring) followed by Pitch Perfect 3 (also not good) and the first half hour of Black Panther. Not bad.

Finally in Los Angeles, I made my way to my best friend’s apartment for a quick lunch before heading to The Broad.

With modern art museums, I find it is always best to go in with no expectations. They are always weird, no matter what. The Broad was no exception. Definitely filled with interesting pieces though. There were essays printed and plastered on colorful paper.

There was an over sized dining set that made you feel like a child again.

There were shiny giant balloon animals.

There were lights to draw you into an idea of revolution.

There was just a lot of thought provoking art installations. Even if the thoughts being provoked were “why” and “what the fuck?”.

The Broad is also the home of the Infinity Mirror room. Fun fact though, you have to sign up for it right when you walk in before the wait time is sooooo long. Bree, my best friend, and I didn’t know this so we didn’t sign up until we had gone through everything else in the museum. And then when we did, there was a four hour wait. Fuck. So, we didn’t get to see the room but we did see a mini sculpture with a similar effect.

From The Broad, we made our way through downtown LA. We went to the top of City Hall to get panoramic views of the city. I was told it was the first clear day they had had in a while which made the views even better!

From City Hall, it was time to eat. We went and explored Grand Central Market and ended up eating at a place called Eggslut. They specialize in egg sandwiches– which were incredible! I’m not usually a huge egg person but it was so good. I went for the Fairbanks Sandwich and was no disappointed. It was spicy and delicious and more than I could have asked for in an egg sandwich.

After our quick meal, it was time to find the Buzzfeed trending page things to see in LA. To start: The Last Bookstore.

I have been loving used bookstores lately. Tim and I went to the Book Barn in Niantic, CT a few weeks ago and spent four hours going through everything there. I could have done the same here at the Last Bookstore. What makes this shop extra cool is the structures and art inside. Like the picture above with the rounded window made of books. Or the ever famous arch of books seen here:

It was like going to Diagon Alley in Harry Potter. I could have easily spent hours longer at this shop. We had to move on though as being up for 16+ hours and traveling was starting to catch up with me. We had to make one more stop though.

You may have seen around the internet these black waffle cones. Well, they’re from a Downtown LA shoppe called Little Damage. Black cones are their specialty. I ordered “Unicorn Tears” in a black cone and was no disappointed. The Black cone tastes exactly the same as a regular come. The soft serve ice cream was smooth, creamy, and flavorful– although I wasn’t quite sure what the flavor was. I believe it was cake batter… maybe? I also made sure to ask what the most popular topping was for this option and got it: fruity pebbles. Yum! I definitely recommend this ice cream shop if you’re ever in LA!

Following ice cream, we made our way back to the apartment for what was supposed to be a nap. It was actually just bed time.

Look for Day 2 coming tomorrow!


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