Sami in LA: Come Out to LA

The day is finally here! By the time this post comes out, I will be on my fight from Hartford to Los Angeles. This posts marks the first of my LA series that is inspired by my trip to the west coast. I’ll be sharing my experiences, pictures, and anything else that I find interesting while on my vacation this weekend.

To start off, I thought a tips and tricks guide is in order. I know that, while I love traveling, I get a good amount of anxiety when I travel. This of course isn’t being helped with all of the recent stories of planes having major issues during their flights. Lets not focus on that though. Lets start from the beginning.

Assuming that you are already ticketed, you now have to pack for you trip. Now, I left today (Thursday, May 3) but I started packing the Sunday before. To some, that may seem insane. I know my boyfriend thought it was insane and he was leaving for Washington D.C. the night before me and hadn’t packed until right before he left of the airport (big yikes). For me, I believe in doing things when you have the time. So, if you are working full time, starting  to pack days before might be the best way to go. Plus it gives you a chance to revise what is in your bag– I was doing that until I went to bed on Wednesday.

So, here is how I pack.

  1. Make a list. What is everything you THINK you’ll need. Chances are you’ll have to narrow this down, especially if you aren’t bringing a large suitcase so you just have a carry on.
  2. Check with your airline what what size bag is allowed to be a carry on and what their policy on a personal item is. I brought a carry on sized rolling suitcase and a backpack with my lap top and electronics in it.
  3. Pull the clothes you want to bring. Plan out what you’re gonna wear during your trip. This means that you should also check the weather for wherever you are going to help you plan ahead. This may also mean planning ahead for when you come home is the weather is going to be significantly different. A few weeks ago, I would have had to pack a heavier jacket to wear when I got home but this week the temperatures are almost identical between Connecticut and Los Angeles.
  4. Pull your toiletries. If you’re packing a few days out, grab whatever you won’t need and then pack the rest right before you leave. Make sure to check the TSA website to make sure you are following their guidelines for what is allowed in your luggage. Also, make sure to check the liquids rule about how to pack your shampoos and items like that!
  5. Personal Item packing list. Most of us, I’m sure, bring a backpack with us on a flight. Figure out what you’d like access to during your flight or things that you can’t afford to lose if you end up gate checking or having to check your bag. Think electronics, chargers, a book, etc. Pack that once you’re ready!

Once you do all this, do a final once over and finish packing for you big trip!

Next, pick a designated survivor. Okay, well not quite that. Make sure to send someone your travel itinerary. Share you flight info with your friends, partner, parents or whoever is picking you up from the airport so that they know the flight number and times.

Now that you are ready to leave, do some planning if you have time! Think about what you want to do while you’re on your trip. This doesn’t mean have every minute of your trip planned. It just means to have some ideas to guide your travels. Also, check if you need to pre-purchase tickets or reserve a time for anywhere. A few weeks ago, my bestie and I reserved tickets to The Broad so that we could go today after my flight gets in– making sure to give wiggle room in case the flight is delayed or something. We also pre-purchased our tickets for Friday’s excursion to Universal Hollywood. Pre-purchasing, in this case, ended up saving us a bit of money which is always good when you’re trying to save money.

While these tips seem basic enough, sometimes you just need a reminder. We all forget things when we’re getting ready to go away from home. Hopefully this helps you remember anything you may have forgotten! Have fun if you’re traveling and look for more on my trip to LA coming soon! Until then, follow me on Instagram (@SamiGorski) for trip updates!


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